Alexapure vs Berkey [2022]: Honest Comparison

Berkey Water Filter vs Alexapure : What’s The Difference?

When there are so many alternatives on the market, choosing a water filtration system for your house may be challenging. Berkey and Alexapure are both stainless steel countertop water filters that appear extremely similar on the exterior, making it difficult to choose between the two.

Water filters make it possible for you, your friends, and your family to consume clean water regardless of the source. To eliminate germs, viruses, and heavy metals, among other pollutants, they employ several filtering techniques.

The majority of customers like Berkey’s Big Berkey, which has the perfect capacity for a medium-sized household. The Alexapure Pro, a similarly sized system with the same filtered water capacity, is the most comparable filtration system from Alexapure.

In this article, we’ll compare the Alexapure vs Berkey water filter to see what makes these two gravity water filters similar – and, more significantly, what makes them different.

Background of Alexapure and Berkey Systems

Berkey was one of the first businesses to provide water filtering systems for homes. It began with the Big Berkey model in the late 1990s and has since expanded to include various current Berkey filters. By 2021, it will have opened several warehouses around the country, serving an increased number of consumers.

Alexapure, on the other hand, is a firm that makes Alexapure filters and air purifiers. They are well-liked in most families and continue to attract new customers. Most homeowners, campers, and emergency organisations prefer these firms to their competitors because of the high quality of their products.

In addition, their competitive pricing, durability, stainless steel construction, and add-ons tend to attract a larger number of consumers.

Overview for Big berkey and Alexapure Pro Water Filter Reviews

Starting with Big Berkey, it has a total capacity of 2.25 gallons and the filter for this water filter system is the Black Berkey elements. It can remove up to 203 contaminants and it has a filter lifespan of 6000 gallons. The warranty for this water filter is up to 6 months long.

On the other hand, the Alexapure pro stainless steel has a total capacity of 2.25 gallons, and the replacement filter for this unit is the Alexapure pro gravity block filter. It can remove up to 200 contaminants with a filter lifespan of 5000 gallons. The warranty issued is cast by case therefore it really depends.

It shows that both water filters are very similar in terms of their overall features and functionalities. However, we shall go in-depth into the comparison to help consumers pick the right water filter for their home.

Alexapure and Berkey Filter Comparison

Berkey water filters

Berkey’s water gravity filters are known as Black Berkey elements, and they use gravity to filter water in the system slowly. The filter components are made up of six distinct types of media, including coconut shell carbon, that collectively contain millions of microscopic holes.

Before flowing through the Berkey filters and into the bottom chamber, tap water is added to the top chamber. Contaminants are retained inside the filter media when the water passes through the Black Berkey components, preventing them from flowing through with the water particles.

Alexapure Water Filters

The stainless steel design on the outside of Alexapure water filters is remarkably similar to Berkey’s, and you would think the two were identical. The Alexapure Pro filter is similarly gravity-powered and features a dual-chamber construction that is nearly identical to the Black Berkey.

When drinking water is introduced to the Alexapure, it goes through the filters, which progressively remove a wide range of pollutants, much like with Berkey filters.

Despite the fact that Alexapure’s website has no information on filter material or design, they utilise “gravity block ionic absorption technology,” which is a type of activated carbon filter for the alexapure pro filter.

What Contaminants Can Be Removed by Berkey and Alexapure Water Filters?

Looking into comparing Alexapure vs Berkey for contaminant removal, both gravity filters have been tested in the lab to remove over 200 pollutants, which includes various viruses and bacteria, heavy metal, VOCs, chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, as well as pharmaceutical drugs.

Berkey Water Filter

For Big Berkey, it has two built-in filter components that greatly improve filtration outcomes. In fact, the filter has been verified to eliminate over 200 pollutants. It eliminates 99.99 percent of germs, viruses, hazardous compounds, and 99.8 percent of trihalomethanes, as predicted.

Heavy metals such as lead, zinc, copper, and others are also removed. It also performs a fantastic job of removing inorganic minerals like chlorine.

Each filter element’s micropores are smaller than 2nm in size, making it a perfect filter for removing pathogens, germs, and viruses.

Alexapure Filter

When it comes to Alexapure, over 200 water contaminants may be removed. Blei, fluoride, chlorine, viruses, germs, pesticides are reduced by up to 99,999%. In the best way, pollutants like hormones and radiation which with most water filters are not commonly eliminated.

It also features three approved filters, which can be easily installed and removed, to increase filtering capacity and water flow.

The complete list of contaminants removed by both water filters can be found on their respective websites.

Comparing Performances Between Berkey vs Alexapure


The performance of Berkey certainly rates better in efficiency than in speed. Filters for water gravity are not suitable for the fastest filtering of water and the Big Berkey is no exception. The Black Berkey filters can filter around 3.5 gallons per hour, so that they do not give an instant result.

Aside from speed, you will be delighted by Berkey’s ability to eliminate pollutants from the water thrustly using Black Berkey filters. The fact that Berkey filters can remove over 200 is of great advantage for most countertop water filters to remove only a handful of pollutants.

You can find it in the findings of the independent lab tests Berkey, which you can check online, if you’re looking for evidence of performance.

The Black Berkey elements were tested to comply with the NSF requirements – it was only a small delay, because they are not NSF-approved, which would allow Berkey to provide consumers an additional selling point to make sure they invest in a supported industrial product.


Alexapure is likewise a gravity of the water filter, meaning it doesn’t give rapid filtering of water like a Big Berkey. However, Alexapure water filters have a rim over the water components of Berkey here since they are built in an hour to filter water at a rate of one gallon.

However, this statistic is true only while the top chamber is full – the filters take longer to create smooth water when the water level falls.

When it comes to removing contaminants, there is almost no difference of efficacy compared to the water filtration system Alexapure Pro vs. the Berkey filter. Along with Berkey, the Alexapure Pro is one of the best water filtration countertop systems now available.

With the Berkey and Alexapure Pro you may enjoy a far more comprehensive elimination of contaminants than a filtered water pitcher would allow.

Like the Berkey filter, Alexapure filters were tested to satisfy NSF/ANSI requirements, but are not currently certified.

Flow Rate of Alexapure vs Berkey

Compared to the Berkey water filter, the flow rate of the Alexapure filter is quicker. This is due to three filter elements in the former one, and just two in the latter one.

The Alexapur Pro filter has a maximum purification speed of 7 GPH (gallons per hour), whereas only 3.5 GPH is available for the Big Berkey water filter. The filtered capacity of both versions is 2.25 gallons or 8.5 litres. This makes it perfect for small to medium households.

Water flow rate is also affected by pollution levels at a water source. Thus, you may notice reduced flow rates if your tap water is severely polluted. And if the rate decreases, the filters will be cleaned or replaced if they are longer than their lives.

In conclusion, the Alexapure water filter leads by its 7 GPH flow rate from this comparison.

Models and Upfront Costs

Berkey Models

Like other water countertop filters, a Berkey water filter is modestly priced. They are cylindrical in form and feature an inox steel design. A number of Berkey filter types are available which increase prices when the holding capacity is increased.

To list down a few, from the smallest to largest capacity, is the travel berkey with 1.5 gallons, big berkey with 2.25 gallons, royal berkey with 3.25 gallons, imperial berkey with 4.5 gallons and the crown berkey with 6 gallons capacity.

Berkey’s systems cost $250 to $360 and two Berkey water filter components are part of the initial purchase. You may also purchase Berkey with two more components from Black Berkey increasing the lifespan of the four in use elements, which costs an extra $100.

Big Berkey is the most common Berkey model and is suited for medium-sized families with a mean water consumption. The Travel Berkey is lightweight, smaller, more appropriate for holidays and the Berkey Light is a cheap version of the Berkey water filter that is constructed of BPA-free plastic rather than stainless steel.

Alexapure Models

Like Berkey, Alexapure water filters are constructed of steel, however they are not available in many sizes with the Alexapure Pro. The system may be purchased in one size only: 2.25 gallons. Though Big Berkey is the most popular 2.25-gallon filter system with Berkey, Berkey’s obvious winner is the Alexapure vs. Berkey filtration systems.

It is usually useful to choose several different water filter styles, and Berkey probably takes some Alexapure clients if they are seeking for a specific filter style, such as a portable system.

The Alexapure Pro costs about $270 in pricing, including the ceramic filter coat of an Alexapure gravity cartridge. It costs about US$ 280 including filter components compared to the Big Berkey. The price is rather straightforward.

Filter Lifespan and Replacement Costs of Water Filtration Systems


A set of two water filter components from Berkey cost about $120 alone. In view of the total life lifetime of each filter of 6,000 gallons, this expense is just around once ever four years.

For a price that doubles the filter lifespan of each filter, you can get a set of four Berkey water filters, which do not have to concern yourself with buying replacements for roughly 8 years.


The Alexapure Pro utilises only one filter, costing around $120 and a lifespan of five thousand gallons. With 1000 gallons of difference compared to the components from Berkey, but with the same costs, filters from Alexapure are not as excellent value for money.

That said, before you have to worry about getting your Alexapure Pro’s replacements, you will still enjoy some three years of filtered water from your system.

Honest Consumer reviews of Berkey and Alexapure Pro Systems


Customer evaluations by Big Berkey are typically extremely good and Amazon has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 sters for the replacement filter components which are based on close to 900 reviews. Many consumers claimed that because of how dependable and efficient they are they would never buy a filter other than the Black Berkey.

However, some clients said, excessive chloramine levels can have dramatic effects on the lifespan of the Big Berkey components, although nothing can imply this on the web site of Berkey – chloramine is in fact one of the pollutants that the filters of Berkey can remove.

It was also noted that after filtering water, clients detected a rubber taste in the Big Berkey and this is a consequence of a series of rubber components in the system that may be switched for silicone parts if the flavour is unsatisfactory.

Finally, a tiny number of consumers stated Berkey’s steel body, which is not typical of stainless steel and is something Berkey needs to look into, had started rusting.


Of over 400 reviews, Alexapure Pro has a 4.3-stern rating. Customers said that the filtering mechanism of Alexapure pro is better than other brands and helped them save their wealth from bottled water.

The main issue was the confusion among some consumers that although the system can store up to 4 filters, it only includes one. The flow of filtration is very sluggish according to consumers with only one filter and they had to buy additional in order to increase the pace. This may be because these consumers have a high pollutant drinking water, and the filter components are struggling to filter the water rapidly.

Pros and Cons between Alexapure Filters against Berkey Filters

Berkey – Pros

Compared to Alexapure, Berkey has a major advantage in a number of alternative design possibilities, including multi-size stainless steel systems, a smoother travel option and a plastic version that does not contain BPA. Berkey has you adequately covered if you search for variation.

Besides, the filter elements of Berkey have much longer lifespan and filter 6,000 gallons before replacement is required.

Berkey – Cons

Considering the extent to which Berkey removes contaminants, it is a pity that as a result of some of the rubber components utilised in the System, many customers may taste an aromatic rubber flavour.

Currently, Berkey is not certified NSF, which slightly drops the product. It would reassure a first-time customer that the firm had a third-party support for its claims for the removal of contaminants.

Alexapure – Pros

The Alexapure uses a little cheaper price than the Big Berkey. Besides, the Alexapure is almost as good as Berkey to filter up to 5,000 gallons per filter element. The Alexapure Pro should be used for a minimum of 3 years before you have to purchase a substitute element.

Alexapure – Cons

At present there is just one Alexapure product, the Alexapure Pro model for stainless steel water filtration system. You won’t discover them with Alexapure, which is a stainless steel water filtration system if you’re seeking for more alternatives.

Berkey contains 2 filtering components for purchase, whereas Alexapure has space for 4 but only 1. You might need to acquire your own extra components to filter more gallons of water at a faster speed in addition to your first purchase.

Conclusion: Which is The Best?

Trying to determine which water filtration system in stainless steel countertops is a challenge to you, particularly in the Big Berkey and in Alexapure Pro. Although it offers more choices, the water system from Alexapure is appropriate for a household of 1 to 4, making it suitable for almost any consumer.

Your decision to purchase will most probably be based on your own personal brand preferences or your own water filtering requirements. Berkey’s travel version would be the logical choice if you search for a countertop water filter system that you can carry with you when you go camping.

However, if you only want a water filter system with good filter elements, you may use the 2,25 gallon system of any brand on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much water can the Alexapure Pro and Big Berkey hold?

The capacity of Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey are about 2.25 gallons of water. This is incredibly optimum for short trips with a handful of people.

Should I get a water filtration system for home use?

Yes of course, every household should be equipped with water filter systems for home use for their daily usage such as drinking water, cooking and showering. A high-quality water system for home use would definitely have long-term health benefits and fluoride filter so be sure to consider the performance comparison before purchasing water filter systems.

Do I have to replace the water filters on the Alexapure Pro and Big Berkey?

Yes, the water filters of Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey must be replaced with replacement filters at a minimum replacement costs. The period of time is difficult to gauge as it depends on the usage of water. Thus, Alexapure Pro filters can last up to 5,000 gallons whereas Big Berkey, it is 6000 gallons of water for 2 filters (each lasting 3,000 gallons).

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