AquaTru Water Filter Review 2022: The Best Counter Top?

AquaTru Reviews : Is The AquaTru Water Filter What You’re Looking For?

If you’re searching for a water filtration system for your home and don’t want to make a decision until you know more, then you’ve come to the right place. You might’ve come across the AquaTru Countertop Water Purification System in some reviews and in this one, we’ll be doing an in-depth review for this system so that you’ll know more about it.

AquaTru Water Filter Overview

Before we move on to the details, let’s have a look at the overview of the AquaTru system. The AquaTru Countertop Water Purifier is an alternative for an under the sink reverse osmosis system. Thanks to its simple and compact design, it can be placed on a kitchen counter instead of under the sink.

Going along with its sleek and cutting edge design is an ultra reverse osmosis technology that can effectively remove various contaminants, giving you high-quality water with a decent taste.

Accessibility to water is incredibly high and easy with just a touch of a button. The great thing about this system is that there is no difficult installation required and you can easily set-up the AquaTru RO system without any plumbing experience.

Keep on reading the review to find out more about this incredible 4-stage water purifier.

AquaTru Purifier Features

This incredible water filter system is packed with features that easily catch the attention of customers and it’s most likely going to appeal to you. Here are some of the impressive features of the Aqua Tru RO water filter.

Quick and Easy to Change Filters

Firstly, the AquaTru has filters that you can easily twist and seal to replace them. Additionally, the machine is designed to remind you to change the filters when it’s time. The time gap to replace new filters is usually every six months to one year to maintain optimal efficiency.

Mechanical Pre-filter

The first stage of the AquaTru filtration process consists of an important component which is the mechanical pre-filter. The purpose of it is to prevent sediment like rust and sand from having any effects on the filters and membranes in the machine. Plus, it can help to remove cloudiness from water.

RO Pre-filter

Before reaching the reverse osmosis membrane, the water will flow through a second filter in the AquaTru water filter. The function of this filter is to remove up to 99% of chlorine and chloramine found in tap water that can damage the semi-permeable membrane.

Most people are buying bottled water because they don’t like the taste of chlorine and if you want to stop the use of plastic bottled water, then the AquaTru would be the key to it. After AquaTru removes the bad taste, you will no longer need plastic water bottles.

RO Membrane

The most important stage of the AquaTru Reverse Osmosis System is the RO membrane. This membrane is made in the US and it’s tested to remove unwanted contaminants and heavy metals like lead, chromium-6, copper, fluoride, iron, TDS, drug residues and many more.

The whole point of this membrane is to remove over 99% of total dissolved solids from the water. Plus, owning this AquaTru machine means you don’t need to get a separate fluoride or VOC filter.

Activated Carbon VOC Filter

In order for AquaTru to remove any water tastes or smells that the water might get from the water tank, the tap water has to run through this carbon filter stage before it is ready to drink. The drinking water that you get after going through this carbon filter stage will also be free of smaller particles such as herbicides and pesticides that may have passed through the RO membrane.

Tank for Waste Water

Reverse osmosis water filters produce waste in the process and this AquaTru unit has a tank dedicated for the waste. It contains contaminated water and this tank is removable so that it is easy to empty out. The AquaTru filter system works in a way that for every three-quarter gallons of pure water produced, there will be a quarter gallon of water wasted.

Tank for Purified Water

There are two tanks in the AquaTru Countertop system and this is the clean water tank or also known as the front tank. This clean water tank takes about 15 minutes to filter and fill up the tank. After filtering, the front tank is able to hold about 3 quarts to a gallon of water at a time. Also, it’s removable so you can keep the tank in the refrigerator to cool the clean water.

Switch to Turn On/Off

After filling up the tap water tank with water, you can get the AquaTru water purifier to start or stop working with a simple switch. You will be able to find this switch at the rear of the machine and it is easily spotted because it’s red in colour. With such a design, the system is extremely easy to use – fill up the tap water tank, put it back in place, turn it on and let it run.

Simple Dispensing Button

With the filtered water tank ready to serve you clean drinking water, you’ll need something to facilitate the dispensing of the drinking water and AquaTru has that covered. Unlike some water dispensing levers that are slippery, the AquaTru made it simple with just a touch of a button. Simply place your glass, fill it up and when you tap the button, the water shuts off completely.

Money-back Guarantee and 1-year warranty

As a customer, nothing is more reassuring than knowing the company offers a warranty for their systems. Even better, AquaTru is willing to give back your money if you are not satisfied with their product. Within the 1-year warranty period, you don’t have to worry about any faults with the system because if anything were to happen within that 1 year, you can get the unit replaced.

Performance of The Aquatru Counter Top Filter

Being one of the most efficient reverse osmosis filter systems on the market, you can expect the waste produced by the AquaTru Countertop Water Filter to be way lesser than the typical under the sink reverse osmosis filter systems.

To put the efficiency of AquaTru into perspective, the standard systems that are available on the market will normally waste about 3 gallons of water for every gallon of pure water produced. As for the AquaTru, it only wastes about 25% of water during the reverse osmosis process.

According to the company, there are 82 contaminants that AquaTru is able to remove during its filtration process and that includes lead, chromium-6, radium, selenium and many more heavy metals.

How To Install Aquatru Filters Correctly?

One of the best things about this water filter is that there is no installation required. Unlike most under the sink RO water filter systems that have a complex installation, the AquaTru doesn’t need any installation and is extremely easy and quick to set it up.

This unit comes with all of its filters in a single body and you do not need to install or put them together after you buy the product. Simply, place the machine where you want it, get it switched on and you’re good to go. Anyone without plumbing experience would be able to do it too.

Maintenance Tips for This Water Filter

Much like setting up the AquaTru, maintaining it is incredibly simple as well. The maintenance to be carried out on a weekly basis would just be flushing it with pure water. As for filter replacement, the AquaTru comes with a digital display that will alert you when it’s time for replacing the filters.

Normally, the filters in the first two stages will last for 600 gallons or 6 months, the RO membrane is 1200 gallons or 2 years, and finally, the filter in the last stage can last for 600 gallons or 1 year. Based on this, the AquaTru basically requires replacement filters biannually or annually. Plus, the replacements are simple and will only take a few minutes without any tools.

About the AquaTru Filters

AquaTru uses a patented Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology and it contains a 4-stage water purification process that removes almost all the harmful contaminants from your water. Here are the stages and some information about the filters:

  • First and Second. The initial two stages have two filters and that is the mechanical and activated carbon pre-filter. Its functions are to get rid of large sediment such as dirt and debris. At the same time, the carbon pre-filter removes chlorine and toxic chemicals from the water. The life of this filter is 600 gallons or 6 months.
  • Third. The third part of the filtration process is the RO membrane for removing toxic and inorganic contaminants. This filter lasts for 1200 gallons or two years.
  • Fourth. Stage 4 would be an activated coconut shell carbon VOC filter. Besides removing contaminants that are not organic, it also ensures that the water tastes great. The life of this filter is 600 gallons or a year.

You will like this product if:

You are looking for a water system that is easy to set-up. The AquaTru water filter system comes with all the necessary components and is assembled beforehand so you don’t need to install it. All you have to do is just set it at a spot, connect it to a power supply and you’re good to go. The “installation” should only take you a few minutes without any plumbing tools.

You are a fan of the sleek design it has. The design that AquaTru implemented for this filter system is compact and relatively portable, making it perfect for a smaller house. Plus, it doesn’t take up the space under the sink.

You prefer something cheaper and as good as standard under sink systems. The price of this filter is lower than most of the water filters on the market and using its advanced technology to filter water, you are ensured to get better water quality.

You want a water filtration unit that wastes less water. Compared to other systems on the market, the water wasted per gallon of purified water is much lower. So, if you prefer something with good efficiency then the Aquatru would be the best water filter for you.

You like great tasting water. This filter is able to provide great tasting water so you don’t have to spend money on plastic-bottled water to get drinking water with decent taste. Plus, it saves you the cost of buying bottled drinking water.

You are a fan of the 1-year warranty that AquaTru offers. The AquaTru filter is offered with a warranty that lasts for a year so if anything happens within this time, you are eligible for replacements.

You will not like this product if:

You are not a fan of the small filtered water tank. Even though the AquaTru is equipped with several tanks, the most important one that acts as the storage for purified water only holds a gallon of water, which isn’t that much especially if you want a large water supply at once. Plus, it takes about 15 minutes for the tank to refill.

You prefer a more thorough filtration system than AquaTru. 4 stages of purification is decent but if you want to remove impurities thoroughly, then this might not be the best option. Instead, you should look for a system with more carbon filters to thoroughly get rid of all the impurities.

You don’t like the fact that AquaTru removes healthy minerals too. This system is good for removing contaminants, but at the same time, minerals that provide health benefits are removed too. We would recommend you to buy trace minerals if you intend to remineralize your drinking water.

You expect all units from the business to be perfect. According to some customer reviews, the filter doesn’t seem to be working as it should at less than a year old. However, if the warranty conditions are met, you can still get a replacement for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does AquaTru remove glyphosate?

Yes. It ensures the removal of glyphosate. Plus, the water that you consume is also BPA-free.

What is AquaTru’s refund policy?

AquaTru has a 30-day money back guarantee. Also, there’s an option for a year limited warranty (stated at the official website at the point of writing this AquaTru review. Should you’ve further queries regarding the warranty and guarantee then you could contact highly responsive customer service team via email at

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