Best Countertop Water Filter in 2022: Our Top Comparisons

Why Get Counter Top Water Filtration System?

If you dislike the taste or quality of your home’s drinking water, a less expensive option to purchasing bottled water in bulk is to install a countertop water filter. It removes impurities in water that cause a disagreeable taste, such as chlorine and copper.

These contaminants can be found in all drinking water. While they are not harmful to your health, most people believe that when such impurities are removed from water, it tastes considerably better.

The best countertop water filter is typically designed to be sleek and compact. Unlike under sink water filters, which are bulkier and require more extensive installation, countertop water filters are basically ready to use the moment they are purchased.

The best countertop water filters can permanently alter the way you drink tap water. Filters are built to last, allowing you to get the most out of your system for years to come. As a result, they are a wonderful choice for customers searching for a simple way to produce instant filtered water.

Types of Counter Top Water Filters

Because of the growing demand for safe drinking water, countertop water filters have gradually gained favor in every household. They are less expensive than under sink water filters and are simple to install.

Here are the five most common types of countertop water filters on the market today.

Water Distiller

A water distiller boils water, then passes the steam via condenser coils before returning to pure liquid in a container collector. Water distillation is one of the most ancient and successful ways of pollutant removal.

This sort of countertop filter removes all impurities, including heavy metals, sediments, and chemical pollutants.

Because the entire process takes time, water distillers are best suited for households with 2-3 people. Because this distiller requires electricity, and you should think about where you’re going to put it.

Water Ionizer

Water ionizers are less functional than other forms of countertop water filtration systems. They, like other filters, feature pre-filters to remove water pollutants, but their principal function is to ionize the filtered water.

The electrolysis technique is used by ionizers to adjust the pH of water. The electrolysis plates will attract ions, depending on the settings, to make the filtered water acidic or alkaline.

The ORP of the alkaline water produced is lower, which is an anti-oxidizing agent that helps to neutralize the toxic free radicals on our bodies.

Because of their complex technology, water ionizers are often more expensive than other types of water filters. However, it is well worth the money.

Gravity Fed Filter

This countertop water filter is portable and suitable for all sizes of families.

Typically, this system does not use power and instead depends on gravity to filter water. It usually has an upper and lower chamber, as well as filtration elements in the middle.

Water flows from the upper tank to the lower chamber (container), where it is filtered. These water filters do not require a power plug, a faucet connection, or a water line.

The biggest disadvantage is that the filtration procedure is time-consuming.

Reverse Osmosis

When a semipermeable membrane is introduced into the system, this type of filtering system operates. It’s known as the reverse osmosis membrane.

With a 0.0001-micron rating, the RO membrane can remove up to 99 percent of pollutants in water. Tap water is driven through the membrane, leaving the pollutants behind.

Beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium are also removed by reverse osmosis filters. There are, however, various devices on the market that will remineralize filtered water with natural stones.

Faucet Mounted Filter

Sink-top faucet-mounted water filters are the oldest of the countertop water filters listed above. They frequently come with a single canister filter that does it all.

The water filter is installed directly into your kitchen faucet and filters water before it exits the tap. Typically, the filter cartridge is tiny and fits neatly next to the sink.

The disadvantages of this sort of water filter are its filter lifespan and capabilities. Because of its size, it must be replaced every 3-6 months. However, there are some outstanding systems available on the market.

What Makes The Best Countertop Water Filter System?

Purchasing a countertop water filter is not a difficult decision, but there are a few crucial aspects to consider before deciding if a countertop water filter is right for you. Other countertop filtration systems could be a better fit for you.


Is there enough room on your countertop for a new appliance? If not, you might want to think about investing in an under-the-sink water filtration system.

Household Size

The water filter jugs come in a range of sizes, which you should choose based on how much use it will get in a typical day. In addition, the more you use it, the more frequent you’ll have to update the filter.


Water filters of this type start about $75 and go up from there. If you’re on a tight budget, a simple water filter pitcher to store in the fridge can be a good option.

Specific Water Treatment Need

Depending on why you’re looking for a water filter, you may require varying levels of filtration. If your water is contaminated, for example, you should use a reverse osmosis water filtration system. A simple gravity filter can suffice if your water is a little hard.

If your water has too much fluoride, you can buy additional fluoride filters for most systems. It is entirely dependent on your requirements.

The Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews

Every manufacturer claims to have the best countertop water filter on the market. You’re overwhelmed by the options and mixed reviews from the existing customer.

So, what are the requirements for choosing an effective countertop water filtration system?

For all practical purposes, we have compiled a list of the Best Countertop Water Filter reviews on the market for comparison.

1. Big Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter

Are you looking for a portable dispenser that genuinely removes dangerous contaminants? Take a look at this Big Berkey Gravity Fed Filter. This US-made 2-gallon dispenser is certainly the best to have on your countertop this year, since it is made of high-quality materials, has filters that have been certified to satisfy NSF/ANSI Standard 53, and is reasonably priced.

In fact, it has made our list of the best household water filters to buy for drinking and cooking water.

The majority of countertop filters only reduce sediments, chlorine, and common VOCs in tap water.

The Big Berkey goes a step further by eliminating fluoride from the water and re-oxidized arsenic III and arsenic V. The latter two are known to produce plenty of health issues at extremely low doses. It also eliminates MTBE, a water-soluble chemical molecule that, if consumed in large quantities, can cause toxicity.

The superb filters – the black BB9 and the PF2 filters are the secrets of this countertop dispenser. They are all included in the box and may also be purchased separately.

The dispenser is plastic-free: its upper and lower chambers are built of 304 stainless steel and are expected to last for decades. It is intended to remain intact on the road throughout long journeys. Because of their durability, the smaller variants are quite popular among roadtrippers.

The PF2s can process 1,000 gallons of water before needing to be replaced, whilst the black BB9s can process 3,000 gallons. (You’ll have to pour all of that water into the tank by yourself. In this scenario, a pull out or pull down kitchen faucet with a large spout will be incredibly handy!)

For a family of four, the PF2 will last about 4 months and the Blacks will last more than a year. If you have hygienic concerns, you can clean the Blacks with a Scotch-Brite pad.

The filter dispenser bundle does more than just provide clean water from the countertop. It comes with a large stainless steel bottle, allowing you to drink filtered water on the go. That’s a terrific method to avoid hormone-stimulating plastic bottles while also helping the environment.

The bottle appears to be a little too large to carry around on a daily basis (it holds 24 ounces of water – enough for three days). However, if you’re going camping or trekking for a couple of days, you’re going to adore it.


  • Filters that are strong and long-lasting
  • Portable (smaller models)
  • Long-lasting
  • A stainless steel water bottle is included
  • Available in a variety of sizes


  • Assembly instructions are unclear
  • Manually filled

2. APEX Countertop

The APEX MR10-50 Countertop Drinking Water Filter is the ideal choice for individuals looking to boost the mineral content of their drinking water. Its modern design and color options allow you to further customize your countertop alkaline water filter to your specific kitchen aesthetic. The APEX countertop drinking water filter eliminates bad odors and tastes while also adjusting the pH of your water.

Alkaline water has less acidity than regular tap water. The pH of the water, which ranges from 0 to 14, is used to determine alkalinity. While most drinking water has a pH of 7, alkaline drinking water has a pH of 8-9.

The APEX MR-1050 adds potassium, calcium and magnesium to your water using alkaline beads and calcite. This boosts the alkalinity of your drinking water by increasing its mineral content. Some customers are becoming more interested in alkaline water. If you prefer bottled mineral water for hydration, the countertop alkaline water filter is a viable option that might save you hundreds of dollars every year.

The APEX countertop drinking water filter has a 5 stage alkaline water filter which not only improves alkalinity but also removes pollutants that degrade taste and odor. The filter removes chlorine and chloramines from your water by using granular activated carbon.

It also has a layer of KDF, a filtration media that aids in the removal of heavy metals. KDF also helps to extend the life of the carbon filter element by protecting it against bacterial and algal development.

Few countertop water filters allow you to choose the color of your filter, let alone give you eight alternatives. This filter may be customized to complement the design of your kitchen, ranging from a discrete chrome to an electric yellow.

While the color of a water filter may appear to be a secondary consideration, keep in mind that countertop filters will be visible. The ability to customize the color of your filter is a unique feature of the MR-1050.

This countertop drinking water filter is good for roughly 750 gallons before it needs to be replaced.


  • Easy to install
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Produce alkaline water that is healthier to drink
  • Removes city water impurities such as chlorine while remineralizing the water


  • The filter’s tube may get in your way when using the faucet
  • Relatively short lifespan
  • Does not remove fluoride

3. Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

When it comes to complete purity in your drinking water, a countertop water distiller is the only way to go.

For a variety of reasons, the MegaHome stands out as our pick for the best countertop water distiller.

The first feature is the absence of plastic. Well, to be exact, there is plastic, but water will not touch it. Everything in direct contact with water is composed of 304 stainless steel or glass, including the inside of the distiller, coils, and storage tank. This guarantees that the liquid is completely pure.

It is also Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved for safety. When a product bears the UL listed label, you can rest assured that it is safe.

The countertop water distiller is built simply, but it is designed in such a way that it runs smoothly and without incident. It features an automatic shut-off mechanism, so you may leave it running overnight or leave the house halfway. If you’re like me and have the memory of a goldfish, this is a feature you’ll love.

It purifies water by reaching 212 degrees Fahrenheit for every one gallon of water every 5.5 hours. Toxins are eliminated and pathogens are destroyed at that temperature.

Six high-quality charcoal filters are included with this countertop water filter system. The filters are optional, which means they can be employed when there is chlorine or other contaminants present.

After about 5 hours, the distillation is complete, and the machine shuts off when there is roughly half an inch of unprocessed water left. This prevents the residual residue from burning or clinging to the bottom. If you dispose of the waste water and fully clean the machine after each use, it will last for many years without a spot in its chamber!

Even yet, some hardcore users go the extra mile by installing a timer to turn the distiller off while there is still an inch of water inside. They believe that this improves the water’s quality. While there is no evidence that this works, common sense tells me that it makes cleanup much more enjoyable. In any event, it doesn’t harm to give it a shot.


  • Removes fluoride
  • Filter is optional
  • Well built stainless steel material


  • Requires electricity
  • Slow filtration due to distillation process

4. AquaTru

One of our best countertop water filters is the AquaTru Countertop Filtration System.

It removes fluoride, chlorine, hormones, toxins, carcinogens, and thousands of other impurities from drinking water using 4-stage reverse osmosis filtration technology. This easy-to-use system does not have a plumbing connection or installation, making it one of the best countertop water filters in 2021.

This countertop reverse osmosis water filter is compact and ideal for use at home or in the office, and it can be set up and ready to use in minutes.

It is NSF certified to remove 83 contaminants, but because it is a reverse osmosis system, it can truly remove up to 99.9% of all total dissolved solids from drinking water.

It combines 4 filter stages. Stages 1 and 2 are a sediment filter and a coconut shell activated carbon filter. The cartridge captures big sediments and adsorbs chlorine taste and odor, as well as hazardous compounds, VOCs, and other contaminants. A reverse osmosis membrane is used in the third filtration stage. It rejects almost all of the contaminants that are still in the water at this point. Finally, an activated carbon block post-filter removes pesticides, residual tastes, and other contaminants.

When it’s time to change the filters in the device, the digital display will alert you. The AquaTru has a sleek, modern design that checks all the visual appeal boxes.

Because it is a countertop reverse osmosis system, you should expect some water to be wasted during the purifying process. However, when compared to other reverse osmosis systems, the AquaTru is more efficient, with a water-to-waste ratio of 1:4. This indicates that for every 4 gallons of water cleaned and filtered, 1 gallon of wastewater with residual pollutants is created.

The capacity of the filters ranges from 600 to 1,200 gallons of water, or 6 to 12 months. The RO membrane has a capacity of 1,200 gallons and can last up to two years.


  • Easy to use
  • NSF certified
  • No need for plumbing or installation.
  • Alerts for digital display and filter change
  • Most comprehensive filtration available
  • Long lasting filters


  • Requires electricity connection
  • Produces waste water
  • Small holding capacity
  • No remineralization filter

5. Aquasana Filtration System

For individuals looking for a low-cost way to filter their drinking water, the Aquasana water filter is a wonderful option.

Aquasana uses a 2-stage filtering technology called Claryum, which is a combination of activated carbon, ion exchange media, and sub-micron filtration. With this filtration technology, this countertop filter can remove 10x more impurities than the top water filter pitchers on the market.

This model is extremely efficient, and is NSF certified to remove up to 97 percent of the pollutants in your water. TAmong many other contaminants, it removes chlorine/chloramines, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, and PFAS.

We love how this countertop water filter system can keep the beneficial minerals in your drinking water. The water filter will keep the water’s calcium, magnesium, and potassium levels constant, making it healthier.

Another advantage of this model is its ease of installation. The filter does not require any permanent fixtures, making it ideal for those who enjoy traveling.

It features a diverter valve, so you can simply switch between filtered and unfiltered water, increasing the life of the filter cartridge.
On average, the filters will last about 6 months before needing to be replaced.

This system has a high flow rate of 30 gallons per hour, so you won’t have to wait long for your water to be filtered.

On top of that, the filter system is reasonably priced, and the pure satisfaction guarantee allows you to return the merchandise and obtain a full refund within 90 days, so what can really go wrong?


  • Reasonable flow rate enables for quick access to clean water
  • Two cartridges boosts efficiency
  • NSF certified to filter 77 pollutants


  • Short filter lifespan

6. APEC Portable System

The APEC RO-CTOP is one of the best countertop water filters that can perform reverse osmosis.

The countertop water filter water processing is simplified to four stages due to its smaller size.

Water will first pass through a sediment filter with pores as small as 5 microns.

Following the sediment filter, the water will be processed with activated coconut carbon in the second stage, where the bulk of VOCs, pesticides and herbicides, and disinfection by-products, including chlorine, will be removed. The water is subsequently filtered and free of heavy metals and minerals using the third stage, reverse osmosis.

The fourth filter cartridge provides a last aesthetic polish with activated coconut carbon to remove any remaining foreign odor/taste in the water.

The countertop filter, as opposed to the under-sink version, is relatively simple to install. Install it on the counter and connect it to a regular faucet. Turn on the faucet, and out comes filtered water that tastes like it came from a bottle!

The flow isn’t very powerful because there isn’t a tank to store the water. Nonetheless, with an initial pressure of 40 to 80 psi, it may produce approximately 3 gallons per hour. That is more than enough for a medium-sized family’s everyday drinking and cooking needs.

The system is larger and takes up more room than a conventional simple filter, such as the Home Master. But, hey, at least you won’t have to spend a single minute cramping yourself under the sink for drilling and screwing every time you need to install or replace something.

In addition, you have the option of purchasing a lovely case that will cover all of the cartridges and make things a lot easier on the eyes. Unless your countertop is too narrow to accommodate it, this method is the way to go.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • NSF certified
  • Has a covering case


  • No independent faucet
  • Takes up countertop space

7. Pelican

The Pelican Countertop Drinking Filter System is a handy one. We’ll get to the features in a moment, but what truly impressed us was that it comes in two sizes: a countertop water filtration system and an under counter water filtration system.

But wait, there’s more, this water filter system also provides convenience and flexibility, with easy installation on both the countertop and under-counter models. Meaning if you bought the counter-top version, you can simply obtain an under-counter conversion kit from the same manufacturer and have both sorts of systems.

The system is NSF/ANSI certified and complies with all regulations. Chloramines and chlorine will be totally removed from your drinking water. Furthermore, the system will remove at least 60+ additional toxins such as lead, mercury, and PFOS.

We really enjoyed the improved flavor of the water. This has an impact on everything you do in the kitchen, including cooking, washing, and making coffee.

When it comes to filter life, you can expect it to last about 6 months or 400-450 gallons. This is a very efficient filter that only needs to be changed twice a year. Furthermore, it is also reasonably priced with a 90 days satisfaction guarantee.

The LED filter life indicator, which alerts you when it’s time to change the filter, is a lovely touch.


  • Removes up to 97% of contaminants
  • Easy to install
  • Provides flexibility


  • Slow flow rate

8. CleanWater4Less

The CleanWater4Less Countertop Water Filtration System is one of the most revolutionary water filters on the market today, as it is one of the only water filters that requires almost no filter replacement.

This countertop system distinguishes itself by not requiring filter replacement over the product’s lifecycle, which can last up to 7 years (at an estimated 1,500 gallons per year). It is by far the most durable water filter on our list, capable of filtering over 10,000 gallons of water before needing to be replaced.

You’d think that for such cutting-edge technology, you’d have to pay a premium. You’ll be shocked to learn that this is one of the cheapest countertop filters on our list!

The CleanWater4Less countertop water filtration system is a low-maintenance, low-cost alternative to traditional countertop water filtration systems that require frequent filter replacement. The value proposition is that you utilize the system and then dispose of it at the end of its extended life.

In terms of filtration capability, this water filtration system CleanWater4Less countertop will remove the majority of contaminants in your water. Most germs, hazardous chemicals, and toxic minerals will be removed from your drinking water by the filter.

However, don’t be fooled by the compact system’s ease of use and installation. It has the potential to supply clean water. The design uses no cartridges, installs in minutes without requiring any modifications to existing plumbing, and generates 10,000 gallons of clean, delicious water. It is also very lightweight at only 3.36 pounds.

This is the water filtration system for you if you want a no-hassle countertop water filter that connects directly to your kitchen faucet and almost never needs to be replaced.


  • No need to spend money on replacing filters
  • Extremely simple to set up
  • Designed to filter hot water from the faucet


  • Filter may not last the entire 7 years as stated depending on usage
  • Not for use with well water

9. New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter System

The next best countertop water filter is the New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter System. As the name implies, it has a remarkable ten stages of filtration. It is intended to eliminate a wide range of contaminants present in household tap water as well as water sources such as lakes and streams.

It also works to eliminate pollutants from well water. Herbicides, arsenic, mercury, pesticides, and chlorine are among the toxins that have been removed. Contaminants such as lead, dirt, rust, chlorine, and other heavy metals are also removed by this filter. If you don’t want to spend the money on a reverse osmosis filtration system but still want to remove a large number of impurities, this filter is one of your best options.

Following the removal of impurities, the countertop filter incorporates a remineralization phase, which adds calcium back to the water to adjust the pH and provide a more pleasing taste.

The filter should last for a year before needing to be replaced. This implies that the filter is of excellent grade, able to withstand pollution while retaining water quality.

The installation is very simple, all you need to do is attach it to the nozzle of your sink faucet. Provides great-tasting, odorless water. New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter System is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to encouraging and promoting healthy lives.


  • 10 filtration stages
  • Easy to install and change
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used as a countertop or under the sink water filtration system
  • Filters up to 1500 gallons before needing to be replaced


  • Warranty is only valid for a year
  • Fluoride is not removed
  • The effectiveness of a replacement filter may not be as good as that of the original

10. Home Master

Using tap water and looking for a quick, easy, and effective remedy to the nasty odor? The Home Master sink-top filter will do the trick. The Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 is a countertop system with an extra long chrome faucet that saves space.

Sink top filters aren’t recognized for being particularly efficient. They are tiny, and most feature a design that allows water to pass through without being treated.

To address the issue, Home Master constructs their filter using full layers of filtering materials. In addition, compression disks are installed at the inlet, outlet, and between the layers. This ensures that the water will be filtered through coconut shell carbon to remove chlorine, TOCs, VOCs, arsenic and selenium, followed by a layer of activated aluminum to remove fluoride.

Home Master employs compression disks between filter layers to guarantee even, efficient filtering. There will undoubtedly be a difference in the flavor and smell of your tap water!

The Home Master TMJRF2 is extremely simple to install and uninstall, thanks to its compact and simple exterior design. All you have to do is attach its faucet adapter to your faucet and you’ll have pure water in a matter of minutes. There are no tools required. There is no need for drilling or wrenching, and no time spent within the cage of a cabinet.

That is why it is ideal for a rental apartment or any type of temporary accommodation where water quality is still an issue but an undersink system would be too much to handle.

It does take up some room, but it fits in a spot on the sink top that is rarely utilized for anything else. You won’t even notice it’s there after a while!

The main disadvantage of this filter, in my opinion, is its rather short filter life. The filter cartridge only lasts 500 gallons, or around 1900 liters of water. If you only use it for drinking (half a gallon per day), it will last a little more than two months for a household of four. Replacement is as simple and quick as installation, but you must know when to do it.

On the other hand, unlike a pitcher or a dispenser, you don’t have to manually fill a tank every day.


  • Easy installation without any tools
  • Can be used underneath sink
  • Filter out fluoride


  • Shorter lifespan
  • Will not remove TDS
  • Not NSF certified

Conclusion: Why Get A Countertop Water Filter?

The primary reason to choose a countertop water filter above any other form of filtration system is to remind you to drink more water! Countertop water filtration systems take up more apparent space than other types of water filters, such as under sink or whole-house water filters, or a simple pitcher to keep in your refrigerator.

Remember that out of sight, out of mind, so with a water filter right on your countertop, you have no reason not to drink the recommended amount of water each day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to connect my countertop water filter to different faucets?

No, you can only connect your filter to one faucet at a time. If you need to switch from one faucet to another, it won’t take long to disconnect and reconnect in a new spot.

Can bacteria grow in my countertop water filter?

Yes. Even though filters are supposed to eliminate germs from water, they also create cleaner water, which is ideal for bacteria to grow in.

To eradicate bacteria, it is critical to flush your filters for 20 seconds before usage.

The same holds true for a water filter pitcher. It’s safe to leave water in a pitcher for up to a day, as long as you don’t leave it in a hot spot or in direct sunlight. When possible, keep your pitcher in the fridge, and don’t leave water out for more than a day. Mold and algae may begin to grow in your water if you do not drink from your pitcher on a regular basis.

Will a countertop water filter fit on my countertop?

Countertop water filters are designed to take up as little space as possible. Even if you don’t have a lot of side space, you should be able to make room for your preferred unit.

If you’re not sure, measure your side space and compare it to the width and breadth of a filter unit.

Is it necessary to install a faucet in order to use my countertop water filter?

No, you don’t in most cases. Countertop water filters are intended to be connected to a typical kitchen sink faucet. You were probably looking at an under sink water filter if you read that a faucet water filter required a separate faucet. Some of these are intended to deliver water to a separate faucet, which must be installed at your kitchen sink.

Are countertop water filters BPA-free?

One of the reasons you should switch from bottled water to filtered tap water is to avoid BPA. Most countertop water filters are BPA-free, which is a bonus. If appropriate, you should be able to locate this information clearly provided in a product’s description, as being BPA free is a significant selling factor.

My water has an odd taste/odor. What exactly is the issue?

If your water has gradually begun to have a poor taste or odor, it is most probable that the filters in your countertop water system need to be changed.

Check your filter manual to see how many weeks your filters have been used. Keep in mind that even if you haven’t used your filters for the recommended number of months, the quality of your household’s water or just extra wear and tear on the filters may have decreased their lifespan.

Some countertop water filters include an LED light that alerts you when it’s time to change your filters. It is critical to change them on a regular basis since an old filter is about as effective as no filter at all at eliminating pollutants from water.

That being said, you shouldn’t rely solely on taste and water flow to determine when it’s time to change your filters. Even when they are no longer purifying water, carbon filters, in particular, can emit a nice odor.

To get the most out of your countertop water filtration system, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do countertop water filters trap minerals like calcium and magnesium?

Most countertop water filters do not remove healthy minerals from the water supply. However, reverse osmosis filter tend to remove healthy minerals so it is best to replace those minerals into your purified and filtered water later on.

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