Best Filtered Water Bottle in 2022: Ideal For Travelling

Why Do You Need The Best Filtered Water Bottle For Travelling?

Water is one of the most essential elements in our lives, and that’s why we carry it with us virtually everywhere we go, usually in the form of bottled water. We typically choose bottled water over tap water because we believe it is safer and better for our health. However, a fascinating statistic regarding water is that around 24% of the bottled water we purchase is really just filled with filtered tap water.

Furthermore, according to research, about 22% of the water supplied by various bottled water companies includes free radicals that exceed state-mandated health standards, increasing the risk of contact with pathogens like E.coli. In a single year, at least 400 thousand barrels of oil are consumed to make plastic bottles, of which only 30% are recycled.

A portable water purifier bottle, often known as a filtered water bottle, allows you to enjoy clean, pure drinking water on the move. It resembles a conventional, hard-edged water bottle except for the fact that it incorporates a filter that eliminates pollutants and toxins from the water. Water bottles with built-in filters are available in a variety of shapes, colours, and materials, so if aesthetics are important to you, the selection will not disappoint.

A filtered water bottle is a more cost-effective and ecologically beneficial alternative. You will just have to buy the water bottle and the filter once, and you’ll have to budget for new filters afterwards. With that, you’ll have access to fresh, clean drinking water everywhere you go with your filtered water bottle.

There has been considerable debate regarding the quality of certain forms of bottled water, with concerns expressed about pollutants and free radicals present in water at greater levels than allowed. Bottled water leads to massive amounts of annual plastic trash, but a self-filtering water bottle is built to endure at least a couple of years. It is critical to pick the proper bottle; otherwise, as we discovered with some of the items we tried for this list, you may end up with a leaky mess and a plastic aftertaste.

How do filtered water bottles work?

The two most popular water bottle filtration systems include filtration systems that filter water as it is poured into the bottle and filtration systems that filter water as it is consumed from a bottle. Both systems function in the same way, catching pollutants and removing them from the water as it runs through the filter media, whether into the bottle when you fill it or out of the bottle when you drink from it.

The Type of Water Filter

An activated carbon filter, also known as activated charcoal, is used in most water purification bottles to remove pollutants from the water. Activated carbon filters must be changed on a regular basis to guarantee that pollutants are effectively removed from your water. The activated carbon has a large surface area to volume ratio, which aids the filter in removing as many contaminants as possible from the drinking water.

The Process of Water Filtration in The Water Bottles

The activated carbon filter is distributed throughout the filter medium, allowing ions and molecules to bind to a larger surface area. Water can travel through the activated carbon, but the pollutants in the water bond to the media and get trapped.

The carbon filter would eventually be unable to store pollutants in the medium that might impact quality and taste, such as bacteria and viruses, as seen in this procedure. Therefore, this is the reason why it is crucial to pay close attention to your filters and replace them as soon as you notice they’re dirty or according to the product manual’s directions.

Contaminants in tap water that can be removed by filtered water bottle

There are 3 main contaminants that can be filtered:


As bacteria that cause disease and are naturally prevalent in the environment, particularly in water sources.


Viruses can be found in water if it has been polluted by animal waste. While the water treatment procedure should eliminate any source of waterborne disease, drinking polluted water will almost certainly get you sick. Viruses can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms to us physically, such as nausea, stomach cramps, a high temperature, and vomiting.

Heavy metals and chemical compounds

Hundreds of pollutants are known to be present in water, but chemical compounds are the most common. Chlorine, fluoride, chloramines, hormones, nitrates, and pesticides can all be present in minute amounts in our drinking water. While they aren’t harmful to our health in tiny amounts, they can have an impact on water quality and flavour.

Advantages of Filtered water bottles

Switching from a regular water bottle to a water filtration bottle has several advantages, including:

Portability and convenience

One of the nicest aspects of a water filtration bottle is that you can carry it with you everywhere you go, whether it’s to work, the gym, or on a trip around the world.

The finest filtered water bottle may be used with any drinking water, ensuring that you have wonderful tasting water wherever you are. The majority of bottles are normal water bottle size and small enough to fit in a purse or backpack bottle pocket.

You won’t need to be at home to drink clean, pure water with a filter water bottle, as you would with an under-sink water filter or reverse osmosis system. Because you can carry your filter with you everywhere you go, you’ll never need to buy bottled water again.

Pricing and cost-effectiveness

Water filter bottles reduce the need to purchase bottled water since you can make great-tasting water wherever you are. If you buy water bottles on a regular basis, it’s worth calculating how much you believe you spend each week, month, or even year.

When you compare this to the cost of a water purification bottle and new filters, you’ll see that you’re saving a lot of money. The majority of water filter bottles sold online cost between $30 and $70, which is a reasonable price for a one-time purchase. Replacement cartridges range in price from $5 to $15, depending on the brand and quality of the filter.

Water filter bottles are the cheapest of all the water filtration products, including pitchers, under-sink filters, and countertop filters.

If you want to drink good-tasting water but don’t want to spend the money on a whole-house filter, a water bottle with a filter is the best option.

Removes 99.9% of contaminants

Whatever your motivation for wanting to drink clean water, a water filter bottle will provide you with the benefits of contaminant-free water. Chlorine and other chemical contaminants are easily removed from water using activated carbon filters. A good filtered water bottle also effectively removes bacteria, and it also can potentially remove viruses to keep you away from unwanted diseases.

Environment Friendly

The world is experiencing a plastic crisis, and consuming bottled water will only exacerbate the problem.

Despite the fact that water bottles can be recycled, they never biodegrade. This implies that if a bottle is disposed of improperly, it will only ever break down into millions of small particles, polluting rivers and soils. The only way to tackle the plastic problem is to completely eliminate the use of disposable plastics. This is where multi-use water bottles that are robust and long-lasting come in handy.

Filtered water bottles have a minimum two-year lifetime, making them a far more ecologically responsible way to consume clean filtered water without sacrificing taste.

Safe to drink

Another problem with single-use bottled water is that it frequently includes toxins derived from the plastic. Chemicals used in the manufacture of these bottles can seep into water over time, especially if the container has been subjected to heat.

Fortunately, you may prevent these problems by drinking from a water purification bottle. The majority of water bottles with filters are made of BPA free plastic, which means they were purposefully built without the BPA toxin in their material, ensuring that it does not leak into the water.

Simple filtration mechanism

If you’ve tried time-consuming water filtration or decontamination techniques like boiling water, adding disinfection pills, passing water through UV lamps, or even using a filter hand pump, water filter bottles are a far more easy and handy option. In this case, all you have to do with a water purification bottle is fill it with drinking water from a tap.

Disadvantages of Filtered Water Bottles

Can be expensive

A good-quality ordinary water bottle may be found for as low as $5, but a water filtration bottle will set you back at least $30 for a great product that will last a long time.

You’ll also have to consider the expense of replacing your water bottle filter on a regular basis. A basic water bottle without a filter requires no maintenance other than washing, however if you don’t change the filters as directed by your product’s user manual, your water purification bottle will not filter your water effectively.


Most of the time, you won’t have a choice while drinking from most water purifier bottles, as you’ll have to sip through a straw, which is linked to the filter and allows pollutants to be removed as you drink.

Drinking through a straw isn’t for everyone, and it might be inconvenient if you want to take a big gulp of water because straws limit how much water you can drink at once as well.

At the same time, they’re also more difficult to clean because of the straw element. A straw is typically impossible to disassemble in order to fully clean its insides, which can lead to a build-up of nasty things over time.


The majority of the items on our list were constructed using BPA-free plastic. However, some filtered water bottles are constructed of stainless steel, which makes them a little heavier. If you select one made of a thicker material, make sure it will not be too heavy for you to carry.

Size of the container

Water purification bottles are the cheapest filtration option, however this is primarily due to the fact that they can only filter a limited amount of water at a time.

Your filtration bottle will empty considerably faster than a water filter pitcher, which allows you to create a huge batch of filtered water for usage over several hours.

If you want to put a filter in your water bottle, you’ll have to wait until you’re near a water source. A normal filtered water bottle carries 20 ounces of water, which may be insufficient for your needs.


The water supplied by these products is as pure as or even purer than bottled water in terms of purity. When compared to reverse osmosis water, however, it is not as pure.

As you may have observed, the drawbacks are dependent on your own tastes. It’s true that it’s not the finest water out there when it comes to purity. A filtered water bottle can help you obtain tap water to the same quality as bottled water, if not better.

What Makes The Best Filtered Water Bottle?

We’ve learned which characteristics make for the finest water bottle filters after testing a lot of them, and we’d want to share that knowledge with you. While pricing is undoubtedly essential, we believe that other critical performance indicators should takes priority.

In this quick buyer’s guide, we’ll go over everything we think you should consider when deciding which water bottle filter is best for you.

Filtration ability

While some lower-end filters can only remove particles as small as 0.2 microns, most higher-end bottles can filter down to 0.1 micron. This should get rid of the bulk of the contaminants in your water. But it isn’t the end of the narrative. There are a lot of differences even among filters that can filter down to 0.1 microns.

While all of these filters are extremely good at eliminating bacteria and protozoa, they may not be able to remove all that’s in your water. Chlorine, zinc, copper, and other contaminants can be found in your home’s tap water. Fortunately, certain filters are designed to filter out such poisons and can even go above and beyond.

Viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, and microplastics are all removed by the finest water bottle filters on the market. This allows you to obtain clean water from any source, regardless of how contaminated it is to begin with.

We recommend opting for a filter with the highest level of filtering capabilities available if you want to be sure you’re drinking water that’s completely free of pollutants of any type.

Capacity of water bottle

The carrying capacity of a typical water bottle is around 17 ounces. This implies we’ll need to find a water bottle filter that can handle at least this much. However, for most of us, this is still a tiny amount of water that will need to be replenished on a regular basis. These water bottle filters don’t have a lot of capacity, but they do differ enough to be worth noting.

Keep in mind that after the filter is inserted, you’ll lose part of your bottle’s claimed holding capacity. As a result, we recommend finding a bottle that can carry as much water as feasible. Some of the biggest we discovered could carry up to 23 or 24 ounces.


For us, finding a bottle with a totally leak-proof construction is critical so we don’t have to worry about water going all over our bag, car seat, lap, or anywhere else. Almost every device we examined was marketed as being leak-free.

When the bottle was tipped upside down, the majority of them spilled a little amount of water. Granted, you’ll probably attempt to avoid placing the bottle upside down wherever you don’t want it to spill, but accidents can happen, and you never know what will happen inside a pack.

Lifespan of the filter

One thing that all of the bottle filters we examined had in common was that the filter itself needed to be replaced after a certain volume of water had been filtered through it. For some, this was a tiny amount, perhaps as little as 40 gallons of water. Others have been known to last for hundreds of gallons before needing to be replaced.

The benefits of a long-lasting filter cannot be emphasised in our opinion. When you have to remember to replace your filter on a regular basis, it becomes an inconvenience and an added expenditure. If you only drink one gallon of water per day, a filter that has to be updated every 40 gallons will need to be replaced nine times each year.


While all of these filters serve the same fundamental purpose, the cost of using them to get clean water varies considerably. The most expensive devices we examined were almost five times more expensive than the cheapest, so it’s definitely something to think about. However, we believe that performance should come first, with pricing assisting you in making your ultimate selection.

Once you’ve decided which filters would best suit your needs, you can compare costs to see which ones are the most affordable. However, we don’t advocate choosing the cheapest filter you can find. In terms of pricing, several of the greatest performers were right in the middle of the pack.

The Best Filtered Water Bottle for Travelling in 20222

1. GRAYL Geopress

The GRAYL Geopress filtered water bottle is our top selection and overall preference for a one-filter-fits-all solution. It filters out germs, protozoa, and viruses, as well as pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and even microplastics.

For any water filter, but especially for a filtered water bottle, this would be remarkable. It does not require batteries or pumps; simply fill it, push the button, and drink. This implies that filling it is very quick and simple because no filtering is required.

This is also known to be the “ONE PRESS” design that allows the purification process of fresh water to be done in 3 simple steps: Fill, Press and Drink. In terms of the 3 filtering steps, it comes with 3-stage replaceable catridge that are consisting of 3 filtration media, and it does not involve any form of squeezing or sucking. No batteries required for this filtered bottle as well.

While most filtered water bottles require replacement filters every 40 gallons or sooner, the GRAYL Geopress filter may last up to 65 gallons. This is superior to the majority of its competitors, which is another reason why we believe it is the finest overall. It also contains 24 ounces, making it a top performer once again.

However, this filtered water bottle has a slightly expensive initial cost, and it is also slightly bigger in comparison to other filtered water bottles. Therefore, if you are on a budget or that you want something small and lightweight, this might not be your first go-to choice.

Of course, a premium price tag goes hand in hand with a premium feature set. This is one of the most costly versions we tested, but we believe it delivers on its promise.

2. Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle

The quantity of chlorine in drinking water can be significantly reduced with this Brita filtration bottle that is made of stainless steel. At the same time, it helps remove the chlorine odour and enhances the flavour of the water. All of this occurs while you are inebriated.

It’s important to note that one filter lasts two months. It’s simple to replace it: first, clean the new filter, then insert it into the bottle’s straw, secure the straw to the lid, and fill the bottle with water.

You can take the bottle with you wherever you go since it has a built-in loop that makes it easy to grip. If you’re curious about the bottle’s construction, it’s constructed of BPA-free plastic that is very sturdy. This is also one of the good water bottles for travel, as you may also travel with this filtered bottle and store it in your bag without fear of spilling water. Its leak-proof cover prevents this from happening.

By having this Brita Premium filtering water bottle, you can replace an approximation of 300 standard plastic bottles, as this filtering system is aimed to be environment friendly. This filtered bottle is also very easy to clean, as this is one of the many filtered water bottles, dishwasher safe is guaranteed.

On top of all of that, it is easy to use, all you need to do is to flip open the lid and the water is ready to drink from the bottle. However, as one of the best filtered water bottles, the mouthpiece is unfortunately non-replaceable. Therefore, if any component of this stainless steel water bottle with filter needs to be changed, it simply means you need to purchase a brand new bottle.

3. GRAYL Ultralight

For this entry, the GRAYL Ultralight water purifier is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast, as GRAYL Ultralight water purifier has a basic design but all of the features that every filtered water bottle should have.

Naturally, as with other items of this sort, this water purifier bottle is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and, in general, globetrotting.This water container may be filled with freshwater from any source and will filter out almost all pollutants.

This water bottle filters out 99 percent of germs, protozoa, viruses, and heavy metals, making it ideal for hikers, campers, rock climbers, and travellers. Fill the bottle with water, squeeze the filter down, and sip clean, fresh, and safe water.

This bottle is small and light, and it’s constructed of BPA-free plastic that can endure for 10 years. While this water bottle is suitable for nearly any scenario, it does necessitate the user’s active participation in the water filtration process. The filter’s design necessitates the user pressing down on it in order for the water to pass through it and become clean.

The water filter itself filters out silt, sediments, compounds like benzene and chlorine, and heavy metals like arsenic and lead from the water. When you’re done filtering water using this device, you’ll notice an improvement in flavour and clarity, as well as no unpleasant water smells or aftertaste.

4. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Lifestraw is a well-known manufacturer of water bottles with filters and survival filtration kits. Most of you might be familiar with it. Although the majority of Lifestraw’s water bottles differ in appearance, the same cartridge is used in all of the company’s products.

This leak-proof 23-ounce LifeStraw go water filter can filter your water as you drink it. Its activated carbon filter works in two stages, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and parasites while decreasing chlorine, odour, and aftertaste from the water.

Because it is primarily intended to be used as a travel bottle, you may use it to filter water from streams and lakes without risking any of the risks that come with it. It is also a BPA free plastic bottle, and it has a food-grade silicone mouthpiece to keep every part of your body that is used to drink water clean, healthy, and bacteria-free.

Apart from that, the filtered water bottle weighs only 5.6 ounces, therefore it is extremely lightweight and makes it a good travelling buddy, as you wouldn’t even notice it for how lightweight it is.

The cartridge of this LifeStraw Go Water Filter also comes in two parts, where the first one is a 0.2 micron hollow fiber membrane which has the ability to remove protozoa and bacteria, whereas for the second part that is optional, it is made of activated carbon filter which has the ability to reduce the odor and taste of chlorine in water.

The lifestraw go water filter bottle, like other filtered water bottles, includes a changeable filter. However, there is no need to rush out and buy filters; one of them can withstand and keep germs out of 4,000 litres of water.

Keep in mind, however, that the filter is divided into two sections. The first can filter up to 4,000 litres, while the second can filter up to 100 litres and is responsible for chlorine, odour, and taste.

However, just like any other products, even the best filtered water bottle has its cons. This bottle, as mentioned above, only filters down to 0.2 microns, which is not better than most bottles in the market that can filter down to 0.1 micron.

Besides, the straw is designed in a way that it is difficult to draw water through, and the rubber piece on this bottle might leak occasionally. However, the lifestraw go water filter bottle definitely an affordable and quality choice for people that are looking for something while on a budget.

5. Clearly Filtered Water Bottle

It is easy to mistake the ‘Clearly Filtered’ filtered water bottle for a workout bottle. However, it is a filtered bottle that may be taken almost everywhere. This finest stainless steel filtered water bottle is definitely an excellent investment.

The water filter bottle claims to protect you from more than 220 pollutants that may be present in tap water. Aside from that, the filter’s Affinity Filtration technology is a unique dual-technology method that eliminates more than 220 pollutants from any location, at any time.

Chemical contaminants, heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, chromium 6, lead, agricultural chemical residues, microplastics, and, of course, germs, cysts, and microbes are just a few of the more than 220 pollutants. This water filter bottle also works in ways to eliminate all smells and flavours, leaving water crisp and delicious like it should be.

Moreover, the water bottle filter also protects you against the harmful effects of fluoride, which is commonly found in drinking water.

In terms of its design, the Clearly Filtered water bottle has a 24-ounce capacity and is light enough to fit into even the most overburdened backpacks and gym bags. The water-tight, flip-top cover lets you take a drink whenever you want while keeping the water from spilling.

Besides, the large opening of the water filter bottle allows you to clean it and add ice to make a nice cool drink when you are trying to get your workout done.

The double-walled stainless steel construction is also noteworthy, as is the fact that it is a BPA-free bottle. The bottle, which is made in the United States, comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day trial period. It can filter up to 25 gallons of water as well.

One of the few criticisms is that drinking from the bottles can be difficult since you have to suck rather hard to get a flow going. According to some reviews, this can become rather uncomfortable over time. The good news is that the filter should gradually become less restrictive. The filter has also been redesigned, making it much simpler to extract water from it now.

Make sure the silicone ring inside the lid is in the correct place if your bottle is leaking. This should take care of everything.

Although it isn’t a big issue, it is important to remember to maintain the bottle upright to ensure that the water passes through the filter.

6. SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle BPA Free

When you travel out into the woods, the SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle may become one of your survival companions, just as its name indicates. That’s not just because it’s a water filtering bottle, but also because it has four distinct filters that help you get the most out of your hydration.

A Medical Grade Hollow Fiber UF Membrane filter, a Coconut Shell Activated Carbon filter, one in the shape of Antibacterial Beads, and a Medical Grade PP Cotton filter make up this stylish filtered water bottle.

All of the above mentioned filters work hard to remove heavy metals, toxic chemicals, viruses, protozoa, and bacteria from your water. Furthermore, the bottle is pretty amazing in terms of materials. It’s constructed of FDA-approved Food Grade Tritan Copolyester, which is BPA-free.

The filter in the bottle is changeable and lasts for around 8 months. As a result, you save money by not having to purchase another filtered water bottle. It’s as simple as changing the filter, filling it up, and drinking the clean water.

The filter itself has a life expectancy of 1,500 litres, or little over 400 gallons. This filter bottle outperforms several of the others we examined. However, after drinking the water via this filter, we did not appreciate it. After many days of all-day usage, we detected a distinct plastic taste that didn’t go away.

This puts us off, and despite the fact that it’s inexpensive, we’d rather spend a little more on a water bottle with filter that produces tasteless water that’s more enjoyable to drink.

7. Larq

For this brand of filtered water bottle, LarQ’s unique selling point is its self-cleaning, long-lasting water bottle. UV-C at wavelengths of 280nm is emitted with this water bottle, which has been shown to be effective against E.coli, Salmonella, Staph, and MRSA. When the bottle is set to its maximum settings, it can destroy up to 99.9999 percent of bacteria and 99.99 percent of viruses.

The UV-C light from a bulb at the top of the bottle’s cap disperses, killing odor-causing bacteria and aiding in the cleaning of the water within the bottle. By touching the button on the cap twice, you may start a one-minute cleaning cycle or a three-minute cleaning cycle, as the brand recommends giving it a good shake to evenly disperse the UV-C light.

This UV light water bottle enables self-cleaning every 2 hours for 10 seconds, but you can also push the button for 1-minute water purification on demand. Activate Adventure Mode for a 3-minute cleaning cycle when you’re travelling or out in nature and need more intense sterilisation.

There’s a Safety Mode that prevents the LED from turning on if the cap isn’t on, ensuring that you’re never exposed to UV-C light. There’s also a Travel Mode for when you’re flying or not utilising it. Choose between the smaller 500ml bottle that fits neatly into your EDC bag and the larger 740 ml bottle that will meet all of your hydration needs.

The bottle will self-clean for 10 seconds every two hours to maintain the interior as bacteria-free as possible. The bottle’s top must be charged, but a single charge should last for two weeks.

Besides that, the LARQ bottle is a water bottle that really holds water. It’s also vacuum-sealed and double-insulated, so it keeps cold drinks frozen and hot drinks hot for a long time.

We’ve also discovered that ice lasts for around 24 hours—maybe a bit less—while hot water cools down after about 12 hours. As far as we’re concerned, those are both completely legitimate periods. Even better, the bottle doesn’t sweat.

However, after testing it out, this Larq water bottle with filter is actually ineffective against chemical contaminants. Apart from that, the filter will also lose its efficacy over time.

It lacks double-wall insulation and the fact that it has a cap that needs to be removed before drinking the water might put some people off in terms of wanting it to be as convenient as possible. But this is still one of the most unique and best filtered water bottles in the market right now.

8. KOR Nava

The final item on our list has a modern, elegant design that is ready to filter your water and eliminate the need for water bottles. This product may simply be slid into any sort of backpack, gym bag, or handbag due to its sleek design and form.

Furthermore, the silicone-sealed cover is entirely secured and sealed. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about any leaks. The filter is a carbon activated one made of 100 percent pure coconut shell that has also been tested and certified by NSF 42. It does this by removing chloramines, chlorine, smells, and the unpleasant taste present in tap water.

The bottle also has Easy Flow technology, which eliminates biting, squeezing, and sucking. All you have to do is sip the water without exerting any effort. Furthermore, the cap is designed to cover the spout while the filtered water bottle is not in use and may be opened with a simple push of the button on the cap.

Unlike other water bottles, the KOR Nava features a stylish design with a sanitary lid that keeps the spout clean while not in use. The body of this filter water bottle is made of FDA-approved BPA-free Eastman Triton polyester.

According to KOR themselves, this technology allows you to sip from the mouthpiece without squeezing or sucking excessively. Meanwhile, in KOR water filter bottle, there is just one sort of filter. The filter medium is comprised entirely of coconut husk, which is quite good in removing chlorine.

Moreover, each cartridge is capable of filtering up to 40 gallons of potable water. The replacement cartridges come in a set of two and can hold up to 80 gallons of water. In addition, the filter is independently tested for chlorine taste and odor elimination under the NSF 42 Standard.

We loved the appealing appearance, but there were too many problems to recommend this as the ultimate best filtered water bottle. To begin, the lid produces a very loud and irritating high-pitched screaming sound anytime you take a sip. In a calm environment, this will grab attention and may create discomfort. Worse, you might have a hard time locating cup holders that fit because of the form.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Filtering Water Bottle For You?

As we near the end of this post, we hope that the information we’ve provided will assist you in locating the best filtered water bottle, or even the best filtered water bottles available. It is important to do further appropriate research especially when there are several sorts of filters to select from. You may also go over our filtered water bottle reviews again.

As by now you already have a decent understanding of what features a good filtered water bottle should have. The filter is, of course, the most significant component of such a product. As a result, make sure you pick the water bottle filter wisely.

Finally, we highly suggest that you use a water filter bottle. It can make nearly any water source cleaner, healthier, and safer to drink. Of course, we don’t need to point out that a single reusable bottle is far superior to hundreds of plastic bottles that pollute and harm our environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can filtered water bottle can be stored for?

Filtered water bottles can be kept in the fridge for about a day or two. Filtered water bottles must be kept away from direct sunlight or any form of extreme heat. It is possible to store your filtered water bottles at room temperate, outside the fridge if you’re actively drinking your water bottle with filter. However, if you so happen to place your filtered water bottles in your car for an extended period of time, please do not consume it as your filtered water bottles may not be safe to drink.

Can I put my filtered water bottles in a freezer?

No, you should refrain from placing your filter bottle in the freezer which has low temperature. This is because even the best filtered water bottles will freeze over time hence, the membrane filter would spoil and the performance of the water filter would be affected. If this is the case, try replacing the water filter with replacement filter and check the filtration system.

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