Fleck Water Softener Reviews 2022: Are The Rumours True?

Fleck Water Softener Reviews : Who is Fleck?

Mineral water is excellent for you, but the life of your equipment might take years. Pipes are what blood vessels are in the body for dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters. Appliances are pushed to work harder if they are connected to the limescale from hard water minerals. They will be less efficient over time and you will soon assist a holiday fund-building repairs technician.

Fleck is one of the oldest brands with more than 50 years of company expertise. Fleck is also the safest choice when it comes to excellent water softeners. People living in locations with difficult water have to change their equipment by scale more regularly.

They also jeopardise their health through exposure to hazardous elements including barium, arsenic, fluoride, lead and more. Although many of these components are unseen to the human eye, they are harmful and impact the well-being of the individual.

In this article, we’ll look at what Fleck does best: a replacement valve head that’s utilised by a lot of local water companies, as well as their ion exchange process unit, the Fleck 5600SXT water softener that can remove hard water for your household.

Benefits of using Fleck Water Softeners

When it comes to a fleck water softener system, the parts are easy to find, first of all. A short search of the Internet can offer several vendors to sell the components, water softening systems and replacement cartridges for its whole house water softener system.

They are also known to provide very good customer service. Most of the internet feedback customer service delivery reports are nice and useful.

Besides, Fleck is known to produce eco-friendly products. Typically, Fleck units are built of high-quality materials meant to reduce energy usage annually. This results in less salt and finally healthier for the environment.

Fleck whole house water softeners are some of the most affordable choices you can make for your household water softener system. It offers some of the most cheap water filtration solutions in the market. This implies that you can nearly always find anything in your budget with a number of various setups.

Apart from that, an electronic power head with a button panel enables you to programme the device is available for each Fleck water softener. This makes whole house water softener convenient for all consumers.
hard types and proves the quality of the brands.

Typically, fleck units are completely constructed and ready to fill. There is also a video tutorial which gives you step-by-step guidance for the whole installation procedure.

Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener

One of their most popular water softeners is the Fleck 5600SXT. It has a 48,000 grain capacity, a 12 gallon per minute flow rate, and a 28 gallon per minute maximum flow rate, according to the manufacturer, making it ideal for up to 6 people in the home. It’s also very light and easy to store at around 20.8 pounds. Its main selling point is a “On-Demand” control valve that allows you to alter the water’s hardness and provide soft water for consumers.

Only one thing does a water softener do: eliminate hard water minerals. It’s old-school science employing an ion exchange mechanism, but technical developments in the models of today have stepped up their efficiency. The Fleck 5600SXT is not a water softener for your granny.

Its 48,000 grain capacity provides a lot of soft water in the home while its high-capacity resin is long term. The sophisticated computerised stream metre can only be fully programmed and will only renew the system for optimum savings in water and salt. It has a 10 year guarantee, a reputation for problem-free functioning, made of the most robust materials.

However, regrettably, some users experience system electronics issues. The Fleck 5600SXT with 48,000 grain capacity has been the most typical replacement of the control valve. Thus, it may not be the most dependable function yet a neat one. In a second we’ll see some other reviews.

The system is also offered as a $600 Amazon Prime product. It’s well within the range of many individuals, even if the cost of a professional installation doesn’t come with it.

Fleck 5600SXT Review – Basic Features

There are several nice features on the Fleck 5600sxt. Although some consider it a large unit, its diverse functions justify the size.

Removes Hard Water

Hard water isn’t the best thing to have around, as you might know. This specific model employs a calcium and magnesium elimination ion exchange mechanism to remove hard water. These two minerals are of the magnitude that is surely hazardous both for you and for your cooking equipment. You’ll need to pay for new pipes if scale takes enough time to build up.

Units like this benefit immensely from areas with hard water. Sweeteners in any family with problems with hard water, scale, and toxic minerals are a compulsory accessory.

Regeneration System

The unique regeneration mechanism has been introduced in the Fleck 5600sxt water softener. It measures the amount of water consumed and regenerates the fresh tank content only if necessary. This function makes significant savings in water and cash.

You may also change other parameters to make the device more compatible with your individual tastes. Actual integration into the central valve of the SXT digital controller. The usage is at a low minimum due to its great accuracy.

Comes with SXT controller

The contemporary technology that comes with it is one of the excellent aspects about this specific device. This controller has a set of configurable settings that may be adjusted and played on a backlit LCD display. This excellent product has Touch Pad controls, inbuilt emergency batteries and a simple interface.

The tank

The tank is very huge, but the design is long such that it takes less space than you may expect. However, you should remember that this is a large tank with a salt capacity of up to 250 pounds. It is 15′′x17″x33″ in size.

In order to avoid overfilling it and overflow, a safety float is integraated into the reservoir. This security is shown by the availability of these measures as it is an easy to use device.

Simple and easy installation

While a professional intervention is necessary for several other tanks, this one does not. It’s super easy to install, actually. With an occasional look at the handbook, you can build the device properly in two hours. Certain individuals do not accept that installing is easy, but most people monitor the necessity of a user manual.

Performance Features


Only so many minerals may contain resin. It ceases softening until the system is regenerated when it is able to achieve its capacity. If you have high water levels and the grain rating of your softener is too low, the system regenerates continually, with salt and wastewater generations at record speed.

A water test can tell you how hard the water is, but the 48,000 grain Fleck provides a lot of water for most of the four households.


Resin is available in two different forms – 8% cation and a 10% cross-link industry standard. They are equivalent to softening performance. The 10% cross connection is longer, but more expensive, therefore it’s no cost benefit. It’s more expensive.

It’s just if you have iron in your water that matters. Iron damages 8% resin, thus you must add iron pre-filters to the system with a smoother such as the 5600SXT. 10 percent cross-link resin softeners may take iron away if they are less than five parts per million.


Near the main waterline and near a power supply and drain, water softeners should be placed. It is better to have 10 feet of pipe between them and the softener to avoid harm to a water heater. For the tanks and the area surrounding them, you will need at least 12 square feet of room to facilitate maintenance.

Regeneration control

Old water softness wastes a great deal of salt since it regenerates on the timer whether or not it is necessary. The majority of current versions include Fleck merely monitoring the consumption of water and renewing the system when needed.

The biggest distinction between control heads is how user-friendly they are on various models. This can be in the eye of the viewer, but the controller offers the features you like with backlit displays and a variety of individual regeneration choices.

Safety features

The water in the brine tank may rise too high if the resin tank fails. It is uncommon, but it makes a mess, if it does. Better resin tank such as the Fleck have a safety float that turns water off into the tank if the level in the brine tank becomes too high.

Why Don’t We Recommend Fleck Water Softeners

Although this post is meant to deal with “Fleck Water Softeners Reviews,” we do not suggest the Fleck water softener for customers for numerous good reasons.

Basic autonomy The softeners of the fleck are NOT filtering your water. This implies you still have to hire a plumber for a filter, else your water is unboundable, even though it only costs up to 600$. The ultimate cost is between $1500 – $2000. With different machines performing different tasks, the ultimate solution will be complex.

The Fleck softeners typically don’t come with filters. The few Fleck units, however, generally have relatively simple filters, with integrated filters.

Sediments and certain common pollutants will probably only be filtered. While filters are able to cure everything with other salt based water softener system. Moreover, Any warranty you have may be invalidated if you install a Fleck water softener on your own.

Learning From Bad Reviews

If you’re considering purchasing a Fleck water softener, avoid doing so on Amazon. If the device turns out to be broken and you file a return request, Amazon will pretend it’s a manufacturer’s issue, as one reviewer pointed out when water started spewing out of every toilet and faucet instead of flowing.

When you try to contact the manufacturer, they’ll inform you that the Amazon version of the device isn’t covered by their guarantee. If one out of every ten individuals has a one-star experience, you don’t want to waste $600+ on a water softener you won’t be able to return.

The Fleck 5600SXT looks to be a good product, as long as it’s still legal in your region, since many counties are starting to ban ion exchange water softeners due to their environmental impact.

The majority of customers are pleased with it, however bear in mind where you purchased it and the kind of support you anticipate. If you buy directly from a distributor, you’ll almost certainly spend a little more, but you’ll have the assurance of a warranty.

To add to that caution, Fleck’s own website warns users to “beware of water softeners offered on Amazon.” We simply stand by what we sell.”

What more does Fleck offer to consumers
Water softener repair parts and valves are also available from Fleck. The “Fleck Hard Water Bypass Hot Water Lower Piston” and the “Fleck Hard Water Bypass Piston” are their most popular replacement parts.

On their website, these tiny pieces cost around $350 and $85 respectively. That’s a high asking price, especially for the piston, which is almost half the price of a whole system from the same firm. But how can you be sure if a Fleck water softener dealer informs you that you need to buy it.

For starters, think about why those sections are their most popular. Shouldn’t the best-selling item be the water softeners? Especially if the water softeners are designed to endure a long time?

Consider this: there are only a few situations in which a single component may sell more than the entire system: 1) if the item is utilised numerous times in the system (such as wheels on a car — which don’t cost half as much as the automobile), or 2) if the part fails frequently, putting the system’s durability into doubt.

Conclusion: A Good Grasp of Fleck

The 5600SXT and a bypass hot water lower piston are two of Fleck’s most popular products. On Amazon, the 5600SXT is available for a reasonable price. Despite the fact that one out of every ten reviews is one-star, it’s a reasonably priced item that comes with Amazon Prime.

However, many of the one-star reviews are candid about their dissatisfactions: there might be difficulties with electronics and defective components, and neither Amazon nor the manufacturer provide a warranty for the system — and getting in touch with any of them can be a headache.

Finally, whether or not you should buy a Fleck water softener like the Fleck 5600SXT is entirely up to you. However, we recommend doing a little more study, particularly to determine if you need or want a salt-based softener, which may or may not be allowed in your region. Furthermore, do not purchase it from Amazon.

There are enough negative reviews for that reason alone. It’s one thing for negative reviews to caution people to avoid Amazon, and it’s quite another for the original manufacturer to provide a similar warning on its own website. We hope that the fleck water softener reviews compiled in this article can help you choose the best water softening system for your household.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a low-salt indication in the system?

No. Every few weeks, check the brine tank and replace the salt when the level drops to a few inches.

Is it possible to use this with well water?

Yes, however you’ll need an iron pre-filter if your iron levels are high.

How long does it take for the regeneration cycle to be completed?

Around two hours.

Is Fleck Water Systems Worth It?

No, many water softener review has revealed bad experience with the Fleck water softener model as discussed above. In fact, Fleck water softening system doesn’t live up to its expectations as they don’t filter your water which you’d be required to hire a plumber as discussed above which would incur higher expenses. This is primarily due to Fleck water softener systems do not provide an integrated water filtering system and only treat hard water.

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