Best Fluoride Water Filter in 2022: Buying Guide Included

Why Get Water Filters That Remove Fluoride?

Although the Malaysia’s National Water Service Commission (SPAN) has declared that tap water is absolutely safe for the public to consume, having a water purifier or a water filter in your house for quality and clean drinking water is always a better and safer idea.

Viruses, bacteria, and parasites can be killed by boiling tap water. Heavy metals, herbicides, and other toxins may, however, stay in the water without our knowledge without the aid of a water filter. An excellent water filtration system may successfully remove such toxins, while ensuring that your family consumes safe drinking water.

One of the most interesting chemicals in the water is fluoride, as the water supply often has to go through the process of water fluoridation. Fluoride is one of the most frequent pollutants found in drinking water. It may be found in soil, air, plants, and rocks, as well as in human bones and teeth.

It has certain advantages, such as the potential to strengthen deficient tooth enamel, but in excessive amounts, it can also be damaging to one’s health.

The issue with water fluoridation is that once it is added to our water supply, there is no way to control how much fluoride is consumed. This can be a severe concern, especially for the majority of children who already consume more fluoride than is recommended by diet alone.

The need for water filters that remove fluoride is increasing as a rising portion of the population wants to opt out of water fluoridation.

If you want to buy the finest fluoride water filter, our review will assist you in making the best choice for you and your family. You will discover everything there is to know about fluoride in drinking water, including how to remove it, the health problems it has been linked to, and the many types of best fluoride filters available in the market right now.

Best Fluoride Water Filter in 2022 Reviews

1. Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher For Fluoride

For the first entry, introducing the Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher, which possesses the ability to remove more than 232 additional potential contaminants and harmful impurities from water, where it includes fluoride, lead, glyphosate, hormones, PFOAs as well as other chemicals that can be detrimental to one’s health. The BPA-free filter is constructed of medical-grade Tritan plastic and is created in the United States.

The Clearly Filtered pitcher, which costs less than $100, is an excellent fluoride-removal option with a filter life of 1000-gallon, which is an absolute steal for health-conscious customers on a budget. After paying for the fluoride water filter pitcher unit, all you need to do is to just have to consider the expense of a filter replacement after roughly 100 gallons of use, or an average of every four months with regular usage.

The pitcher has been NSF tested to standards 42, 53, 244, 401, and 473, so you can trust it to perform what it says. NSF 42 is the key Standard if you are seeking for a fluoride reduction water filter, and NSF 53 is the relevant Standard if you are seeking for pollutants that pose a health concern.

The Clearly filtered pitcher has undergone third-party testing to confirm the credibility of its claims, with all relevant datasheets and test results available on the company’s website, despite the fact that the filter does not have the official NSF certification.

This water filter pitcher has a big, transparent reservoir that holds up to 10 cups of water, making it large enough to accommodate most homes while being small enough to fit easily into the fridge. The pitcher has an enlarged handle that makes it simple to hold and pour from.

A built-in dam inside the reservoir is there to prevent unfiltered water from mixing with filtered water. You won’t have to wait for refreshment since the dam will hold impure water in as you pour. The pour spout has been meticulously constructed to produce a smooth, uniform flow with no splashback.

To remove big particles and debris with this clearly filtered water pitcher for fluoride, water first travels through a fine stainless steel mesh screen. The water is next filtered using powdered coconut charcoal, which eliminates chlorine as well as bad tastes and aromas. Finally, a composite shell containing seven patented filter materials slows the flow to eliminate any trace contaminants that may remain.

It combines three stages of filtering, featuring one of the best filter materials, which is the activated carbon filtration technology. It employs adsorption to capture pollutants in the filter’s pores, and Clearly Filtered filters feature a unique shape that pushes water through the media in twists and turns, catching more pollutants than if it passed straight through. This significant performance advantage distinguishes Clearly Filtered solution from many other water filter pitchers on the market. It also features a lifetime guarantee on the pitcher.

However, it is important to note that the Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher is more expensive to buy and maintain than the majority of its competitors. A few customers have complained that their water filters don’t last as long as they should and that the filtering pace is rather slow, although we have not faced the same issue just yet. It also only filters quite a limited amount of water in comparison to other water filters.

2. Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Water Filter System by AquaTru

For the second entry on this list, we have the reverse osmosis fluoride water filter system by the countertop water filtration system brand, AquaTru, which uses the ultra reverse osmosis technology to filter fluoride and plenty more unwanted contaminants. It is NSF certified to remove a total of 83 pollutants, but because it is a RO system, it can remove up to 99.9% of total dissolved solids, or everything that is in your water.

Even tiny point-of-use reverse osmosis systems are capable of removing fluoride from tap water, according to a research done by the University of Nebraska in 2008. Some systems are certified to remove more than 90% of fluoride.

The AquaTru is, in our opinion, the best reverse osmosis fluoride water filter system for 2021. NSF standards 42, 53, 58, and 401, as well as NSF procedure P473, ensure that hundreds of harmful pollutants that you don’t want in your drinking water are removed, with a fluoride reduction rate of up to 93 percent.

For this AquaTru system, there are a total of 4 stages of filtration, including: a mechanical pre-filter, a reverse osmosis pre-filter, the RO (reverse osmosis) membrane, and an activated carbon post filter.

To remove sediments such as dust, dirt, rust, and other contaminants, water first travels through a mechanical pre-filter; to enhance flavour and odour, a stage two activated carbon pre-filter eliminates up to 99 percent of chlorine and chloramines from your water.

Water goes through a high-efficiency RO filter in stage three to remove pollutants and other inorganics like lead and fluoride. Then, the water passes through an activated carbon coconut shell filter in the last step of filtration. Before you drink your water, the filtering system eliminates potentially dangerous organic compounds and bacteria.

To filter fluoride, the device does not require a plumbing connection or any complicated installation. Fill the holding tank with unfiltered water and turn on the system. A one-touch dispense button swiftly and with minimal spray fills your glass with drinking water whenever you wish to.

The clean water tank may be removed to keep in the refrigerator, carried in a different room, or served together. Moreover, it is designed to help you save plenty of living space for your convenience. The plastic material used to make this water filter is BPA and BPS-free.

Apart from that, it has a fast filtration mechanism that is capable of purifying one gallon of water in just 10 to 15 minutes, all thanks to its built-in water pressure pump, which on the other hand, reduces the production of waterwaste.

With a recovery rate as much as 80%, only 20% of the water goes down to the drain. Conventional reverse osmosis system that do not feature pumps can waste an average of 3 to 5 gallons of water for every gallon of water that is being filtered.

However, all good things often come with appropriate downsides. This reverse osmosis system by AquaTru may experience leakage, depending on how much of a heavy user you are, as it also has a fairly small holding capacity, therefore it wouldn’t be the best fluoride water filter for consumers that are looking for something that can serve a large household.

3. Big Berkey Countertop Water Filter For Fluoride

The Big Berkey Countertop Water Filter, just like all the previous water filters mentioned, are all water filters that remove fluoride, including this unit. As this unit comes with a compact design, it is ideal to fit on a countertop even if you have very limite kitchen space.

Berkey devices, especially in the SHTF community, are popular water gravity filters. They are easy to instal, easy to use, maintenance friendly and extremely successful in eliminating an array of impurities to produce high quality water. They are portable countertop units. Long-term reduction of fluoride: for use with optional fluoride PF-2 filters 97 percent.

Therefore, a fluoride water filter that is good for households of 1 to 4 people, is undoubtedly the Big Berkey countertop water filter. This device takes only minutes to install, and can always hold slightly more than 2 gallons of filtered water, which allows you to obtain the filtered water anytime you need it. It can filter roughly 6,000 gallons of tap water before filter changing.

The Berkey system may be purchased with two extra PF2 filters, which link to the lower chamber and are meant to filter out arsenic and fluoride, in addition to the two Black Berkey purification components. If you’re searching for a fluoride filter, the Big Berkey with these PF2 filters is a fantastic choice.

The easy-to-use Big Berkey fluoride filter comes in a variety of sizes, so be sure you choose the proper one for your water use and family size. The bigger sizes are, of course, more expensive and take up more storage space, so if your water use is typical, you might want to go with something smaller.

The Big Berkey filtration system has the apparent advantage of being portable, and the upper chamber can be tucked within the bottom chamber to make it smaller for travelling. As it does not require a connection to a faucet like some other tap water filters, you may place it almost anywhere in your home.

Apart from all of the above mentioned qualities, Berkey gravity filtration system can produce great-tasting drinking water. Plus, just like its name, it works based on gravity. Hence, no electricity and external water pressure is required for clearly filtered water. This is an ideal feature especially when an emergency occurs such as power outages.

The tanks of this Berkey filtration system are made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, which provides its good looks and guaranteed durability. It also has a casket that can protect the countertop from developing unwanted scratches.

However, for this unit, the replacement filters can cost a lot more than usual, and the fluoride elements can cost extra as well. It is also important to not overfill your tank as the filtration does not just stop when the lower storage tank is already full.

Moreover, due to its design, you will need to often lift up the top chamber in order to check how much water is left in the system. Some people also report that leakage occurs at the plastic spigot, as for us we have not faced the same issue yet from testing. But it is best to take all these into consideration before purchasing it.

4. Waterdrop G3 Fluoride Reverse Osmosis System

The fourth entry of this list would be the Waterdrop G3 Fluoride Reverse Osmosis System. It is known to be one of the best reverse osmosis systems as it has received many positive reviews from customers. A few perks of owning this filtration system is that it is high in quality along with smart features which makes it easy to use, as wel as how easy it is to install it in your house.

In terms of its filtration quality, the Waterdrop G3 has a seven-stage filtration system that filters pollutants out of the drinking water. The PP Cotton, Carbon Block, another PP Cotton, 3-layer reverse osmosis membrane, and Post-Activated Carbon Block make up the system. CB filter, CF filter, as well as the RO system cartridges are used to hold them.

The Waterdrop G3 can filter and eliminate impurities including chlorine, carcinogens (chromium, cadmium ferric oxide), and heavy metals using these filters. Arsenic, fluoride, asbestos, benzene, formaldehyde, chlordane, and other inorganic and organic contaminants can also be effectively absorbed with this unit. Therefore, it definitely has a strong filtration mechanism to ensure that your water is free from unwanted contaminants.

The Waterdrop G3 has a flow rate of roughly 400GPD, which is exceptional. Within 12 seconds, a glass of drinking water may be filled. The drinking water supplied by this device is of excellent quality. It has a better flavour and odour, and it is free of any dangerous impurities.

This system’s smart features are one of its most distinguishing aspects. These may be found in the provided faucet, which changes colours to signal filter replacement, as well as a TDS panel on the main filter system, which displays the water quality. Smart features are extremely useful in today’s world since they make system maintenance much easier and convenient.

There are just a few water filters on the market that have automatic flushing, and the Waterdrop G3 is one of them. It will be started automatically for up to 2 hours by the filtration system. It also featured a “Holiday Mode,” which activated automatic flushing when no water was delivered for 24 hours.

The NSF has certified the Waterdrop system for fluoride reduction, which means it has been tested and confirmed to be effective in lowering fluoride. From the customer’s standpoint, this is a highly comforting indicator; it shows that the RO unit has been shown to perform as stated.

The Waterdrop RO system may be connected to your cold water supply underneath your kitchen sink. It boasts a small, space-saving design that won’t take up a lot of storage space and is extremely quiet while in use. You won’t have to wait long when you’re thirsty because it boasts a 400 GPD water flow rate.

Waterdrop G3 may appear to be the most sophisticated of the finest fluoride water filters in terms of functionality, but it does have some drawbacks, such as a limited warranty and being a little pricey. The Waterdrop G3 does, however, have certain advantages, such as its 7-stage water filtration technology and smart features.

5. Clearly Filtered 3-Stage System

The Clearly Filtered 3-Stage System is definitely our go-to under sink fluoride water filter in 2021. It removes 99.5 percent of sodium fluoride as well as more than 230 other pollutants from your water. This is not just an assertion, as it has been tested to NSF standards by independent EPA-approved laboratories.

The filtering of this water filter is done in three phases: coconut shell granular activated carbon is used in the first stage, whereas stages 2 and 3 are made-to-order media mixtures, also known as Affinity Filtration Technology.

Apart from that, you can install this under the sink filter yourself in less than 15 minutes. This filter is also not a permanent fix for your house. Therefore, this is definitely highly recommended for renters and a great offer to save money when it comes to water filtration systems.

Moreover, this under-sink system is made in the United States using stainless steel hoses rather than cheap plastic hoses, which makes this a very durable filter. It also works in ways that are capable of keeping all of the beneficial minerals in the water.

Maintaining the system is also a breeze, as the filters should be updated once a year on average. There are no tools necessary; simply unscrewing the old and putting in the new one will do the trick.

Last but not least, the Clearly Filtered under-sink water filtration system is backed by a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, if consumers are not happy with it within the first 30 days after purchase, you may return it for a full refund without any further questions.

On the other hand, the Clearly Filtered is not inexpensive when compared to other under-sink filters on the market. That was, however, to be anticipated, as it is on top of the notch, therefore there is always a price difference.

Another minor flaw is that the system reduces water pressure by 15 to 25%. In a way, this is understandable as a full filtration takes time, and you can only assure that the more tenacious pollutants are eliminated from your water with sufficient amount of contact time.

6. Aquasana Whole House Filter

Next is the Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter, where it is a filtering system that will ensure your entire home is free of fluoride and other toxins.

Unlike the other filters that can similarly remove fluoride on this list, this system will deal with more than simply drinking water. It will prevent you from showering, cleaning dishes, or doing anything else with polluted water. It includes an activated carbon filtration step, which is a popular and effective option. Alumina is used in a few different methods, but activated carbon is by far the most prevalent.

This filtration system has a ten-year warranty or one million gallon capacity, whichever comes first. This also means that they will not need to buy any other type of filters that remove fluoride for the duration of their stay. Of course, this unit is designed for individuals who own a property themselves rather than renting one.

All you have to do now is turn on the tap for clean, pure water once you’ve installed the filtration system. It removes hard water at the source with an all-natural, salt-free water softener, so you’ll be improving your water quality in addition to filter impurities and remove fluoride.

The Aquasana whole-house filtration system has the same major flaws as every other device in the same category. Because the system is so enormous, it is vital for consumers to want to make sure that you have adequate room to install it.

Still, the Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Filter is the way to go if you need a whole-house filtering system to remove fluoride from your water.

7. Waterdrop Faucet Filter For Fluoride

The WaterDrop Faucet Filter provides clean drinking water by being one of the most efficient filters that remove fluoride in a rapid and simple manner. Without the need of any tools, you may attach the filter to most typical faucet designs using an adaptor. When you turn on the tap, it filters the water that flows through it, ensuring that it is pure.

The Waterdrop AFC is ideal if you’re searching for a tiny, quick, non-invasive, and simple way to help remove fluoride in your tap water. This fluoride filter employs a 0.5 micron carbon filter to eliminate even the tiniest impurities, and the cartridge lasts around 320 gallons before needing to be replaced.

Because it employs an activated carbon filter, the Waterdrop faucet filtration system does not have an NSF certification for eliminating fluoride. These filters are meant to filter out around 60% of fluoride. Because they aren’t capable of capturing all fluoride isotopes, the Waterdrop AFC can only reduce but not remove fluoride. A fluoride decrease of around 60%, on the other hand, is far safer to drink than no fluoride decrease at all.

To install the Waterdrop faucet at the kitchen sink faucet, there is no need for a plumber or a DIY professional. If the unit fits your faucet (with or without an adapter), all you have to do is click it in place and you’ll have clean drinking water right away.

By rotating the dial on the filter housing, you may switch between filtered and tap water, protecting the filter when using hot water and getting the most out of its use for drinking water. If your water contains both lead and fluoride, you will get to enjoy water that has 97% of lead removed, as it is certified by NSF.

However, it is important to note that this fluoride filter does not fit on all kinds of faucets. If your faucet at home is non-standard, then this fluoride filter will not suit your appliance. Moreover, this unit is made of plastic rather than metal or chrome materials, therefore it may not be as durable and long-lasting as other water filters.

8. AquaHome Fluoride Shower Filter

The AquaHomeGroup Fluoride Shower Filter delivers clean, odourless water to your shower using a 15-stage filtering process. Fluoride, chlorine, and other heavy metals are among the typical irritants removed.

Chemicals and sediment that cause scale accumulation are also removed by the AquaHomeGroup showerhead. Scrubbing tiles, grout, and bathroom fixtures will require less work each time you clean the bathroom.

To eliminate big particulates, the water is first filtered via stainless steel mesh and fine PP cotton. It then passes through layers of alkaline and microporous ceramic balls, maifan stone, germanium balls, and magnetic balls to reach the surface. There’s also a layer of calcium sulfite to remove chlorine, as well as activated carbon to remove organic waste.

The AquaHomeGroup device, unlike conventional shower filters, has no effect on water pressure. Its high-output design guarantees that you have enough pressure to adequately rinse. It produces a steady stream of soft, clean water that is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

In most showers, the AquaHomeGroup filter is simple to instal. It may be used with an overhead shower head, a wall-mounted shower head, a handheld shower, a rain shower, or even a combination shower head. To instal, all you have to do is hand-tighten the screws. It only takes a few minutes and requires no tools or expert expertise.

The AquaHome is available in a range of finishes to complement any bathroom fixture. Depending on your bathroom decor and design, you may pick from bronze, chrome, emerald, red gold, and chrome matte.

Buying Guide: Water Filter That Removes Fluoride

1. Understand the water supply

Consumers must be aware of the source of the water supply, where it could possibly be a private well or a public water supply. If you reside in a city, municipal water is usually the most prevalent one available. Moreover, it is also vital to determine what pollutants are present in the water. A professional water specialist or DIY water test kits can help you achieve this easily.

2. Be aware of the water flow rate

The volume of fluid that passes through the dispensers per minute is known as the flow rate. It’s commonly expressed in Gallons Per Minute (GPM). When purchasing water filters, it is important to take the flow rate of the water filtration system into account, where consumers have to make sure that it is higher than or at least equivalent to their household’s peak flow rate.

3. Installation and maintenance process

It is critical to comprehend the installation procedure as well as the long-term maintenance costs and processes for your fluoride water filters.

Consumers have to be aware that whole-house or reverse-osmosis water filters both require installation, which you may do yourself or hire a professional to accomplish.

In terms of maintenance, replacing cartridges should be straightforward because most replacement filters are readily available. Examine the expected annual cartridge replacement costs to determine if they are within your budget in the long run.

4. Type of filter that suits your need

There are plenty of different fluoride water filters available in the market, including under the sink, whole house, counter distiller, faucet attachment, reverse osmosis and so on. However, it is an absolute essential that the water filter truly suits your needs at home.

For instance, if you are staying in your house for long-term and want to ensure that your house is free from contaminants, a whole house filtration system would be an absolutely ideal investment. Although these are more expensive than other filtration system, they can definitely provide you a peace of mind knowing that your drinking water is safe and free from most unwanted substances.

Another example is specifically for renters, where it is more common for renters to invest in water filter pitchers, sink faucet mount, or distillation systems. These filtration systems allow you to take them from one house to another and replace the filters when needed.

If you often worry about your primary water source, then an under-the-sink water filtration system would be ideal, as it is only water that is filtered from a single faucet, and they are definitely cheaper and easier to install. There is no need to spend an extra penny on installation as you can easily install them on your own if you wish to.

Harms of Fluoride: Please Get Water Filters that Filter Fluoride

Initially, it is important to understand the reasons behind why fluoride is present in our water, despite the fact that it can impose many negative implications on us as humans.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that may be found in rocks and soil. It can be found in naturally occurring quantities in some foods and can be discharged into water.

Fluoride is added to water in some jurisdictions to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Fluoride may also find its way into drinking water sources naturally, and it is never completely eliminated throughout the treatment procedure.

If you are unsure of whether your community’s water contains fluoride, simply look up a water quality report online. You’ll be able to check how much fluoride is in your drinking water and how it compares to the national average.

Fluoride is also mostly found in drinking water, although it can also be found in some dental products such as mouth rinse and conventional toothpastes.

When the possible health concerns of fluoride are examined, there is a lot of disagreement regarding whether the advantages of fluoride for dental hygiene are worth it. The following are some of the health risks:

1. Dental fluorosis

The most prevalent side effect of fluoride on the body is dental fluorosis, which occurs when a youngster consumes too much fluoride. Although the illness does not cause any serious health issues, it can cause unsightly white streaks on teeth.

Fluorosis has little effect on tooth function, but it can cause cosmetic harm and alter the look of the teeth dramatically. Dental fluorosis that is severe enough can cause pits to grow in the teeth.

Moreover, it is important to note that fluorosis does not affect adults, and only children under the age of eight, whose teeth are still forming, are at risk. The more fluoride a youngster is exposed to, the higher their chance of acquiring fluorosis. Fluoride, despite its ability to prevent tooth decay, has the potential to create discolouration that appears almost as terrible as moderate decay.

2. Skeletal fluorosis

Too much fluoride in the bones causes skeletal fluorosis. This condition can result in irreversible damage to the bones and joints, as well as discomfort and decreased joint motion.

A high fluoride level in a person’s body might cause their bones to stiffen, limiting their flexibility. People with skeletal fluorosis are more likely to break bones and have hardened cartilage and ligaments as a result.

Drinking water with a high fluoride content is one of the most prevalent causes of skeletal fluorosis. Inhaling fluoride gases in a production environment and drinking fluoride tea, particularly tea bricks, are two further reasons.

3. Neurological issues

Fluoride has been discovered to be a neurotoxic, which implies that it may harm the brain. According to one study, moderately high fluoride exposure might result in decreased IQ.

Fluoride has been linked to memory and learning problems, as well as potential impairment to unborn infants’ brain development. It can also cause neurobehavioral problems and impairments. More study into how and why fluoride may have such negative effects on the brain is needed, but several research studies have served to shed light on what we know so far about the issue.

4. Fluoride poisoning

Fluoride poisoning, also known as fluoride toxicity, occurs when the body’s fluoride levels are too high. Fluoride is generally harmless in modest doses, but it has the potential to cause major health problems if consumed in a big amount.

It’s important to emphasise that getting fluoride poisoning from your drinking water is quite unusual, especially if there was no chemical contamination at the source. Even so, it’s important to think about while shopping for a water filtration system or water filter in general.

Nausea, stomach discomfort, convulsions, muscular spasms, and excessive saliva are all signs of fluoride poisoning.

4. Hyperparathyroidism

Hyperparathyroidism is a disorder in which your thyroid gland produces hormones in an uncontrolled manner. In this context, too much fluoride can harm the gland and lead to the disorder, which causes calcium deficiency in the bones.

You will be more likely to shatter anything after a brief fall if the calcium in your bones declines. Fluoride, ironically, is intended to strengthen your bones.

Conclusion: Opt For Fluoride Removal?

Fluoride is a dangerous substance that is found in much too much of our drinking water. It can lead to a slew of serious and small health issues, which isn’t a good exchange for healthy teeth.

Fortunately, there are a number of technologies and filtration systems available that can successfully remove fluoride from our drinking water.

These filters also eliminate other toxic pollutants, so regardless of your risk level, it is definitely a good idea to invest in one of these filters. In this article we have put the best fluoride water filter reviews together in hope that it can help you as a consumer to make the best choice for your living space.

Frequently Askes Questions (FAQs)

Is a Fluoride water filters worth the investment?

Because most municipal waters contain fluoride, it is worthwhile to invest in a fluoride filter.

Fluoride is commonly added to municipal water supplies to prevent tooth decay and oral ailments, but when consumed, it can have severe consequences. This is why a household water filter system designed to remove fluoride is available, and it is vital for you to get yourself the best fluoride water filter that suits your needs.

Will fluoride reverse tooth decay?

Fluoride is the greatest way to keep your teeth clean, but it does not prevent tooth decay or other oral disorders. Fluoride, on the other hand, prevents tooth decay, which is why it’s in so many toothpastes.

Does boiling water help remove fluoride from it?

Because fluoride does not evaporate quickly, boiling water does not eliminate it. Steam distillation is an alternative approach that is comparable to this. This entails filtering the water to remove dangerous pollutants such as fluoride.

Can fluoride kill you?

Too much fluoride can indeed be fatal. However, drinking too much water with fluoride cannot kill you. But it does not dismiss the negative impact on your body from consuming fluoridated water. Some common diseases that can occur due to too much fluoride consumption include dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, affecting your mental health as well as hyperparathyroidism.

What types of filters that remove fluoride?

Apart from water distillers which acts as a fluoride filtration system which works through distillations. Besides that, there are many types of fluoride water filter available to avoid any fluoride contamination to your water supply.

Carbon filters are capable of reducing 60% of fluoride from your tap water but incapable of removing all fluoride isotopes. Hence, carbon filters aren’t the best fluoride water filters. However, those activated carbon filters are more effective water filtration systems which could remove greater amount of fluoride in your tap water and replace it with hydroxide. Contrastingly, reverse osmosis systems are great in reducing fluoride ion from water completely.

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