Best Water Filter for Apartment in 2022: Reverse Osmosis?

Living in an apartment does not have to imply compromising on the quality of your drinking water. If you are dissatisfied with the pollutants in your home’s water or just want better-tasting water, a filter can help.

If you are renting or have limited room, you may be restricted in the kind of filter you may install. In this article, I’ll go over everything you need to think about when choosing the finest water filtration system for your apartment, as well as suggest some of the most common systems for flats in the United States.

Top 6 Best Water Filtration Systems for Apartments in 2022

1. AquaTru Countertop RO System

You’ve come to the right place if you want the most complete contamination removal available. The AquaTru is a reverse osmosis water filter system for apartments that can remove up to 99.9% of all TDS. It is NSF certified to remove 83 pollutants but will actually remove thousands more.

Because the filtration system does not require a plumbing connection, it is ideal for usage in apartments and condominiums where plumbing alterations are limited. If room is restricted, this also makes it easier to move around.

The AquaTru includes four stages of filtration: a mechanical and a RO pre-filter, the reverse osmosis membrane, and a final activated carbon post filter. When it is time to replace them, the unit’s digital display will display a useful alert. However, don’t expect to receive these notifications all of the time – the filters should last between 6 and 2 years!

Because this is an osmosis filter, wastewater will be created during the filter process. The AquaTru has a 1:4 produced-to-wasted water ratio, making it more efficient than similar systems. When it comes to water waste, the water purifier is one of the more efficient reverse osmosis filter systems, particularly when compared to a normal under sink design.

While most of these systems waste roughly 3 gallons of water for every 1 gallon generated, the AquaTru wastes just around 25% of the drinking water produced by the reverse osmosis filter process. AquaTru offers a money-back guarantee on their water filters, as well as a 1-year warranty, if you want some more assurance about their effectiveness.

The AquaTru requires almost minimal installation, making installation far faster than that of other under sink RO systems.

The AquaTru includes all of its filters inside a single body, and the user is not necessary to assemble them after purchasing the product. The equipment is turned on and ready to use with the push of a button, and no plumber is needed to complete the task.

The AquaTru is easy to care for. The manufacturer recommends cleaning it once a week with pure water, and the machine will notify the user when filters need to be replaced. Replacement water filters are inexpensive and simple to replace.

To eliminate impurities and enhance overall water quality, the AquaTru employs three twist-and-change quick-seal filters: mechanical and RO pre-filters, as well as a carbon filtering cartridge, and one RO membrane.

Each water filter removes particles of various sizes from the filtered water, resulting in significantly better-tasting water. The RO membrane filters out up to 99 percent of total dissolved solids from the filtered water, making it safer and purer to drink.

2. Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

The Big Berkey is one of the best water filters for no-fuss, thorough filtration, demonstrating why you don’t need a whole home filter to attain a high level of filtering results. With a 2.1-gallon storage capacity, this countertop device is ideal for households of up to four people.

This filtering system can accommodate up to four Black Berkey elements, with a total lifespan of up to six years (or 3, 000). These components combine six distinct types of filtering media, allowing the system to filter over 200 pollutants in total.

The Berkey is a drinking water filter that operates entirely on gravity. Water flows through the system, emerging clean and contaminant-free at the other end, without the need to connect the system to your plumbing or an electrical source. This makes it excellent for use as a whole-house water filter in apartments without the need for invasive installation.

The Berkey removes impurities such as chlorine, lead, arsenic, and bacteria with results that are nearly as comprehensive as a reverse osmosis filter. Berkey can even remove fluoride, which is difficult for most filters to perform.

If you’re familiar with counter water filter systems, you’ll know that the Berkey is one of the best. The machine employs “elements,” which are designed to filter and purify water simultaneously. If you want a water filter that removes a wide range of impurities but don’t want to spend the money on a reverse osmosis system, the Big Berkey is an excellent option to explore.

Going back to what I said previously, the Big Berkey does not have the benefit of water pressure on its side. When I compared the system to a faucet water filter, I discovered that the faucet filter produced a considerably faster result (i.e. I had access to instant clean water immediately).

This is because the force of the water running through your pipes forces the water through the filters, allowing it to be filtered faster. Because the Big Berkey uses gravity to filter drinking water, the filter process will be significantly slower – while this will not hinder the quality of filtration; in fact, gravity filters may frequently afford to be more thorough because of how slowly they function.

As you may expect, you won’t be able to drink clean water right away after loading the Berkey water filter filtering system. You could expect the device with two Black Berkey filters to eliminate pollutants in water to take up to three hours. Having said that, the tank has a good capacity of 2.25 gallons.

To put things into perspective, it is advised that one individual drink 0.5 gallon of water every day. My family could fill the top chamber and consume filtered water for just over a day before the chamber needed to be refilled, ensuring that water was always available when we needed it.

Berkey is a popular water filter filtering system for a reason: it does more than most countertop/filter pitcher products.

Yes, Berkey systems are more expensive, but their purification elements last longer, they filter a much wider spectrum of contaminants in drinking water (including chlorine, dangerous microorganisms, lead, and mercury), and they’re so good at what they do that they’re called “purifiers” rather than “filters.” A water purifier is so successful at its job that it effectively converts water to its purest state, devoid of any pollutants.

3. Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

According to the company, a water filter pitcher with an exceptional 270+ pollutants removal rate makes it an incredibly effective water filter for apartment use. It can eliminate common poisons including lead, fluoride, pesticides, PFAS, radioactive contaminants, chlorine, and more.

Because the pitcher is made entirely of BPA-free plastic, there is no need to worry about chemicals leaching back into your drinking water source. What’s more, the corporation is so confident in their product that they’re willing to replace it if something goes wrong with it.

The Clearly Filtered pitcher filters have a four-month (or 100-gallon) lifespan and do not require a certain amount of water pressure or energy to operate. When you add unfiltered water to the system, it runs through the filters and into the pitcher at a slow but consistent speed, just like a natural stream.

As a result, because it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to fill the complete pitcher with clean drinking water, this technology does not provide immediate benefits. However, if you’re looking for water filtration systems with a small footprint that won’t take up much space, this is one of the most cost-effective options for apartments.

Replacement filter cartridges for this pitcher are available in packs of multiple filters, allowing you to save even more money over the life of your pitcher.

4. PUR Advanced Faucet Filtration System

Most apartment leases allow you to install a water treatment system at the very end of your water line: your kitchen sink faucet. One of the greatest sink filter systems for purifying water right from the faucet is the PUR Advanced Faucet Filtration System.

You can use your kitchen faucet as usual with the PUR faucet mount filtering system. The only difference is that when you use the water filter, you have access to clean water. The filtering cartridge is NSF/WQA approved to minimize or eliminate a variety of impurities found in tap water, such as lead, chlorine, and some pesticides.

This compact, discrete faucet mount, with its chrome style, does not look out of place when fitted on the end of your tap. You also don’t have to use this water filter system all of the time because you can turn it off when you want water for non-drinking uses. Use only cold water with this faucet mount, since heat may destroy the filtration material.

The PUR comes with everything you need to get started, and it’s simple to install — simply click it into place. Some faucet-mounted filtration systems are constructed of plastic, which makes them prone to cracking and splitting, but the PUR’s high-quality chrome construction ensures that it is built to last.

5. Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller

The Waterwise 4,000 is a water distiller that is elegant, modern, and compact. This water treatment system is designed to take up as little counter space as possible, is simple to set up, and includes everything you need to produce distilled water in less time than normal.

This water distiller does not require a connection to your sink to function. To get started, simply place it on a free counter space in your home near a power source and turn it on. The Waterwise generates 1 gallon of steam distilled water in up to 4 hours, which travels through the system and out of the dispenser into a carafe.

Waterwise 4000 distillers, for example, are suited for use in compact residences with considerable water filtration requirements. While they do not need to be installed in your water line, they provide the most extensive sort of filtration operations, alongside osmosis.

Water evaporates and condenses during distillation, leaving impurities in the boiling chamber. This filtered water solution removes everything from chlorine and lead to bacteria, nitrates, and water hardness minerals.

6. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

The LifeStraw Go is perhaps the most basic and cost-effective apartment filtering alternative available. This water bottle filtering solution works on a simple but effective principle: fill the bottle with water from your sink, then sip via the straw, and the sucking pressure forces water through the filtering cartridge and into your mouth.

This bottle is available in over 15 different colors and two sizes – 22 oz and 1 L. This bottle filtration system not only removes chlorine, organic debris, and turbidity, but it also removes more than 99.99 percent of bacteria and other germs. It is composed of BPA-free material and has been tested to satisfy NSF certified contaminant elimination requirements.

With a lifespan of 1,000 liters, you may use the LifeStraw Go for around 3 years, depending on how frequently you use the bottle. While this water treatment option is suitable for use in residences, its mobility and impressive contaminant removal capabilities allow you to take it with you on the move and even clean stream and lake water.

Understanding Apartment Water Filter Quality & Needs

Your water filtration requirements will differ from those of others depending on your local water source and personal drinking water preferences.

To begin, it’s a good idea to have your water tested to see exactly what you’re dealing with and what type of filter you’d benefit from the most. While you may be able to infer which contaminants are in your drinking water based on flavor or look (for example, if it has a brownish-orange color or tastes like chemicals), professional testing will provide you with a breakdown of everything in your water.

You can purchase a water testing kit online or send a sample of your tap water to a private lab testing business. Water testing kits are not as thorough, but they will still provide you with an accurate picture of your water quality.

Key Considerations When Shopping for a Water Filter System for Your Apartment

System Portability

If you are renting and do not intend to stay in your apartment indefinitely, it is a good idea to plan ahead and invest in a portable water filtration system that you can transport from house to home. Water filters can last for up to a decade; some even longer, so you don’t want yours to be tied down in your apartment if you don’t plan to live there for more than a year or two.

Your Rental Contract

Check your rental contract carefully because some will not allow you to make structural changes to your house, even if they are for the benefit. If this is the case for you, and you want to leave soon, it is better to keep to your rental terms and purchase a portable system that does not require installation at your waterline. If you have no intentions to leave in the near future, try bringing up the notion of installing a filter to your landlord, who may see it as a benefit for both you and potential future tenants.

Contaminants Removed

Diverse water filtration systems are designed differently, which means they remove a different range of impurities. A water filtration system will almost certainly remove chlorine and lead, as these are two of the most common contaminants. Some provide more complete filtration than others, which usually comes at a higher expense.

Some filters may also remove germs and viruses, which could be handy if your flat has a private well water supply.

Universal Connectors

If you’re buying a filtering system that requires some sort of setup or installation, finding ones with universal connectors will save you a whole lot of hassle. For instance, a faucet filter with universal adaptors can be installed straight onto any faucet without you needing to buy a new one – which often goes against the rental terms.

Physical Size

Depending on the size of your flat, you may need to choose a filtration system that has a specific width or height. For example, if you don’t have a lot of side area, purchasing a large countertop filter or a distiller may not be the best choice. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you need also make sure that the system is large enough to keep up with your water demand.

Filter Certifications

Certifications are the most convenient way for producers to demonstrate to customers that their water filters perform as expected. NSF International and ANSI are the two most prevalent certification bodies. When a filter is certified to a specific standard, it indicates it has been tested by a third party and determined to be capable of minimizing a specific contaminant. Look for filters that have at least an NSF 42 certification for chlorine removal.

Installation & Maintenance

Because they are built for portability, the majority of the best water filters for apartments do not require any installation at all. Typically, all you need to do is unbox the system, slot the parts together, and get started. If you choose a filter that must be put at your waterline, you will need basic DIY abilities to complete the installation.

The level of maintenance required is determined by how frequently your filters must be changed. Some systems include filters that last for years, while others only last a few weeks.

Costs Involved

Maintenance and cost are inextricably linked. The more frequently you will need to change your filter, the more you will have to pay after your original purchase. Keep in mind, though, that filters that require more regular changes tend to be less expensive – and you’ll need to set aside some money for filter replacements regardless.

If you choose a filter that is a little more difficult to install, you may need to employ a handyman for the job, which will cost you more money.

Conclusion: Worth getting a whole apartment water filter?

Look for filters that can get rid of bacteria and viruses. This is something that may be found in apartment filters – the Berkey, for example, has test findings proving its ability to remove harmful bacteria. Aside from that, most filters will remove typical well water contaminants such as heavy metals, organic compounds, fluoride, and nitrates, so selecting a decent filter should be simple.

Whether you’ve never used filters before and are scared to part with your money, or you just have a restricted budget, there are lots of low-cost apartment filtration alternatives to select from. Water filter pitcher and filter bottles are both inexpensive and low-maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Water from a well is used in my apartment. What’s the best apartment water filter for me?

Look for filters that can get rid of bacteria and viruses. This is something that can be found in apartment filters – the Berkey, for example, has laboratory reports proving its ability to remove these pathogens. Aside from that, most filters will remove common well water contaminants such as heavy metals, organic chemicals, fluoride, and nitrates, so finding a good filter should be simple.

What is the best water filter for apartments which is value for money?

Whether you’ve never used filters before and are hesitant to part with your money, or you only have a limited budget, there are plenty of low-cost apartment filtration options to choose from. Water filter pitchers and filter bottles are both inexpensive and low-maintenance.

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