Best Water Softener System Reviews in 2022: Top Rated

Water Softener Reviews : Why Get The Top Rated Water Softeners?

Soft water offers numerous advantages over hard water, which is why so many people use water softeners to remove hard minerals from their water. A brief search will indicate that there are numerous options to pick from, each of which differs significantly.

There are traditional ion-exchange water softeners, salt-free systems, and magnetic water descalers on the market today. Many different brands and models compete within each category to be the best system at the best price.

And, hey, you’re in luck because we’ve tested and reviewed the best water softeners on the market. We enjoy sharing our favorites, so without further ado, here are our top picks.

Benefits of Best Home Water Softener

Using one of the best water softeners to soften your water is the most straightforward way to overcome hard water concerns and enjoy a slew of other household benefits. Some of the most important advantages of water softening systems are listed below.

Appliance Longevity

One practical reason to consider a water softener is to help your water-based equipment last longer.

The greatest water softener systems can remove up to 99.9 percent of all hard water minerals from as many gallons of water as you use on a daily basis, preventing common hard water issues that can lead to appliance damage.

Water heating efficiency

Your water heaters can heat up water more quickly and efficiently by removing the lime scale that takes up tank water softener space and serves as insulation, allowing you to save money on heating bills.

Water flow rate

The calcium minerals that generate limescale are not present in softened water. As a result, it will not leave a scale deposit on pipes, which could slow down water flow.

Improved cleaning efficiency

Soft water lathers much more easily with soap, which means you’ll need less cleaning liquid to complete the same high-quality job when hand-washing your dishes. You may save money on expensive washing machine powders and detergents by using fewer cleaners (and even fewer gallons of water) to achieve the same results.

Your dishwasher is the same – softening your water with one of the best water softeners may help the appliance clean your dishes, cutlery, and glassware significantly more efficiently, without leaving a foggy film on surfaces.

Lime/stain free surfaces

Aside from the practicalities, the staining that limescale can leave on surfaces such as sinks, baths, faucets, and showerheads isn’t particularly pleasant. You’ll save hours cleaning limescale deposits from surfaces that come into contact with your tap water if you use a water softener.

Skin and hair

Soft water balances the pH of your hair, allowing it to retain hydration and smoothness. You’ll also be able to wash your hair more effectively with one of the best water softeners, enabling it to stay in good condition for longer between washes.

Types of Water Softeners

Now that we’ve established why water softeners are required in almost every household, we’ll look at the many types of water softeners on the market. We will also determine the level of effectiveness of each type, so that you can have a better understanding of which softener is ideal for you.


Salt-based water softeners are the most popular and widely used types of water softeners. When it comes to various types of water filtration, there is a vast range of products available, but we can always refer to the classics when we see them.

These salt-based water softeners, as the name implies, use salt during the ion exchange process, which is what eliminates all of those undesirable minerals from hard water, so they are also known as Ion Exchange Softeners. Each model will need to be topped up with the proper type of water softener salt on a regular basis, which is an ongoing cost that must be considered.


Despite the fact that the name seems exciting owing to the lack of salt, it is important to note that the efficiency of this type of softener is nothing like that of the types indicated above. These are water conditioners and they will not remove anything from your water.

They will also not reduce any of the minerals found in hard water. The major purpose of those water conditioners is to make it difficult for existing minerals to build up inside your pipes.

Overall, you will get some relief when it comes to faucet maintenance. Such water units will assist you have less limescale and are far superior than not having any water treatment at all. However, they aren’t exactly what you would call softeners.


Because they come in pairs, these are the “big boys” of water softening. That is, you will receive two massive iron tanks as well as a brined one. Such a system is considered heavy-duty and is appropriate for houses with high water demand.

The major purpose of this construction is to offer you with soft water at all times of the day and week. Resin must regenerate, which normally occurs at night or after a few gallons of water have been treated.

However, you cannot enjoy soft water during these regenerations since the water bypasses the system.

Magnetic Water Descalers

This is the final type of softener, so to say, but it is also the most unconventional one. It is not widely used because it is an alternative system. It does have advantages, though, because it provides a hassle-free service.

Magnetic descalers are electrical devices that do not interfere with the operation of your plumbing system. There is no need for installation, no plumbing to be disconnected, no bypass valve, and so on. You only need a few wires to loop around your water intake pipes.

The plug-in device will create a magnetic field surrounding the pipes, reshaping the mineral properties of the water.

Top 10 Rated Best Whole House Water Softener System in 2022

1. SpringWell FutureSoft Salt-free

When it comes to dealing with hard water, salt-based systems are the best option. Their purifying abilities have been shown on multiple occasions. With a 10% crosslink resin and grain ranging from 32K to 80K, the Springwell Futuresoft salt free water softener is a system worth investigating if you have a variety of hard water problems at home. The system is distinct from other salt-free and salt-based softeners because it uses unique media that outperforms every other system we’ve examined.

After filtration, Futuresoft does not leave any salt brine. It is a two-in-one system that both filters and softens hard water using ion exchange process.

Futuresoft has a pre-filter that filters out dirt, dust, and other big particles. It also includes high-quality KDF media for the treatment of pollutants such as chlorine, pesticides, chloramine, herbicides, sulfur, PFOA, PFAS, herbicides, heavy metals, and other industrial solvents. It also treats the filtered water, leaving you with healthy, delicious water.

Unlike many typical water softeners, this softening system employs ActivFlo water technology, which enables the system to work at all water flow rate levels, preventing your household from experiencing a drop in water pressure.

As a 100% saltless system, the softener employs a technique known as Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), which doesn’t remove minerals from the water, but crystallizes these hard water minerals, preventing them from sticking, bonding, or etching on your plumbing or appliances. In other words, the Supersoft medium employed in the template assisted crystallization (TAC) process changes the hardness of the water to calcite crystals that will not attach to anything even at high temperatures.

Few, if any, other salt-based water softening systems provide as much detail and convenience as the Springwell. Instead of configuring the system with three small buttons and a monotonous, lifeless LCD screen, as you would with a traditional water softener, you can now make all of the settings via Bluetooth connection from your phone or tablet.

You can input water hardness level, monitor current water pressure, check how much soft water you have left, and if it’s time to schedule a fresh cleaning cycle using an app (Legacy View).

You will be able to specify a certain time for regeneration. Backwash, rinse, brine refill, and valve settings can all be adjusted with the touch of a finger. It’s never been easier to keep a steady supply of soft water while simultaneously minimizing resource waste from premature or excessive backwashing.

Springwell provides grain options up to 80K, ensuring a softening option whether you live alone or in a multigenerational household. Everything you need is included in the system. Aside with the softener tank, head, and brine tank, there is also a bypass valve, mounting bracket, and drain line.

The installation is simple, although they suggest hiring professionals but a step-by-step DIY tutorial is also provided.

A UV light is included as an add-on because a water softener does not filter water or eliminate bacteria. It can manage a wide range of germs and viruses, including E.coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia lamblia, boosting the safety of your water even more. However, the UV light will set you back about a thousand dollars due to its own control head and clever design.

The components utilized in this device are NSF certified and meet high performance, reliability, and durability standards. SpringWell has been in business for over 20 years and offers a 6-month money-back guarantee on its water softening products.

In terms of durability, the Springwell softener has a 10% crosslink resin that lasts years longer than the normal 8% resin used in other systems.

Its effectiveness is supported by a six-month money-back guarantee, during which you can return the product and receive a complete refund with no questions asked.

A lifetime warranty against defects is provided for the system, including fittings, FutureSoft media, tanks, housings, bypasses, valves, and in/out heads. If your water originates from a private well, there are additional restrictions that must be met, so study the guarantee terms carefully and discuss it with their sales person.

This system also benefits your hair, skin, clothes, and appliances and requires almost no upkeep other than a filter replacement once a year.

All in all, SpringWell uses cutting-edge water filtering technology. Although the price is more than that of other products, there is nearly no maintenance fee, and the cost of the missing replacement filter is low.

The most distinctive feature of SpringWell is that the filtering mechanism is salt-free, making it environmentally friendly. For obvious reasons, Springwell is a preferred choice.


  • Durable resin
  • Adaptable to the needs of different-sized homes
  • App-based smart control
  • 6 months money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Although the components are NSF-certified, the system is not

2. Springwell Salt Based

Another SpringWell filtration system product, this time a salt-based softener. The Springwell Salt Based Water Softener System is widely regarded as one of the most dependable and effective ion exchange softeners on the market today. This product’s features and benefits are exceptional throughout. It softens your water, increasing the life of your appliances and requiring you to use 40% less detergent.

As previously stated, the SpringWell salt-based softener softens hard water using an ion exchange mechanism. Spring Well is a company that has been accredited for using top certified components in the manufacture of their filtration system. This ensures not only endurance but also peak performance.

Hard water is frequently caused by mineral buildup. It becomes a significant issue when it comes to your home’s plumbing and appliances. By reversing the destructive effects of corrosion, the SpringWell Salt Based Water Softener System will increase the life of your household appliances.

This salt-based water softener is intended to eliminate all hardness minerals from your water. Using an innovative technique that is significantly more efficient than others, the system generates far less trash by depending on its automatic regeneration cycle, allowing you, the homeowner, to save money while also benefiting the environment.

The SpringWell salt-based softening system head, with its cutting-edge unique technology, allows you to have entire control over your system. This system has Bluetooth technology that may be accessed via your phone. With the press of a button, you may change your backwash, regen cycles, and timing. In terms of water softening systems, this is a pacesetter in water softening and filtration technology as we know it.

Data regarding water usage, how the system works, and current and historical information are also available via the app.

The Springwell salt-based softener will not cause a decrease in water pressure. The system is available in three sizes, making it one of the best salt-based hardness removal systems:

  • 32K grain capacity (1-3 Bathrooms)
  • 48K grain capacity (4-6 Bathrooms)
  • 80K grain capacity (7+ Bathrooms)

The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty against defects as well as a 6-month money-back satisfaction guarantee.

My first use and experience with the SpringWell water softener highlight how this softener differs from other less expensive softeners. Its tanks are made of tough polypropylene and have a solid feel.

More than 200 pounds of salt can be stored in brine tanks. The wide-mouth design makes it very simple to load the solutions.

The price is definitely higher, but the performance speaks for itself. If you want to get rid of stubborn water hardening minerals for good. Then the SpringWell salt-based water softener is your best bet.


  • 6 months money back guarantee
  • Has bluetooth control
  • Automated regeneration technology
  • No effect on water pressure


  • More expensive than other types of water softeners

3. iSpring ED2000 Whole House Water Softener

If you want proven results, we recommend using a salt-based softener or a certified descaler. However, if you’re seeking for a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative, the iSpring electric descaler might be worth a go.

The iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Water Softener represents excellent value for money. It’s neither the cheapest nor the most costly option on our list, but it’s an intriguing one.

This is one of the best salt free water softeners for your home, featuring technology to effectively descale an entire home’s water system and prevent any further scale build-up in pipes. It is designed specifically for homes in particularly hard water areas (between 10 and 19 grain capacity).

This device employs a computer chip that transmits electromagnetic waves down the pipes, reducing the likelihood of mineral and limescale buildup. This implies that it does not ‘soften’ your water. It does not remove the beneficial elements calcium and magnesium.

The unit is inexpensive and compact, and it is also simple to install on the house’s main water supply. The iSpring ED2000 electronic water softener may be installed in a small spot without taking up much space and without requiring any serious plumbing skills.

There will be no turning on and off of the water supply, pipe cutting, or soldering… Simply wrap the coils around the pipe, plug in the device, and your descaler is ready to go. It may be put on a variety of materials, including PEX, copper, and even CPVC. Following the installation instructions to set up the descaler at your household water’s point of entry is all that is required, and many people find the operation simple enough to accomplish themselves.

Another advantage is that it may be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Electromagnetic force is used to power the device. As a result, there will be no noise from the machine regeneration. This also means that you won’t have to spend money on salt refills every few months.

Magnetic water descalers in general might be viewed with skepticism. However, just because a device is simple and less expensive does not necessarily imply that it is ineffective.

In reality, the vast majority of users have observed instant benefits. Toilet stains, bathtub rings, and shower head accumulation are said to have vanished—and to have taken far longer to resurface than in the past. Users stated that the soap and shampoo lathered better, and the shower water felt more luscious.

We’ve tried it and noticed smoother, less tangled hair and reduced skin irritation.

Because iSpring is a well-known name for water treatment devices, it makes sense to put your trust in their goods (speaking of which, you may want to install one of their under-sink reverse osmosis filtration systems for better drinking water quality, since the ED2000, like other descalers on the market, does not actually filter harmful substances). It can’t harm to give it a try for a few months if you have low-to-medium hard water.

Even in the worst-case scenario, the ED2000 electronic water softener is backed by a one-year money-back guarantee and lifetime technical support.


  • Simple installation
  • No need for upkeep
  • Salt-free and chemical-free
  • Affordable


  • Effects have not been scientifically proven

4. Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System

We propose the Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filtration System as one of the best high-tech water softeners on the market. The Aquasana, which has a patented UV filtration system, is an excellent choice if you wish to combine the benefits of filtration and softening.

This whole-house filtration system and water conditioner combo is intended to last, with a 1 million gallon capacity. In other words, Aquasana is so confident in the endurance of their system that they guarantee one million gallons of filtration from the whole house water filter system—try getting that from any other prominent brand!

The Aquasana is a unique water softener system. For example, its original design included a SimplySoft tank that does not necessitate the use of salt or other unwanted additives. SimplySoft hardware can remove 97 percent of chlorine, heavy metals (lead), mercury, pesticides, VOCs, and other contaminants from the water source, making the Aquasana an excellent choice if purity is important to you.

With the SimplySoft formula removing 99.99 percent of germs and possible viruses, you can be confident that the whole house water filter will protect your family’s health and safety when it comes to drinking water and skin health.

This salt-free water softener uses water conditioning technology to change the structure of hard-causing ions rather than removing them entirely. The Aquasana conditioner connects to your main water line and crystallizes hard minerals, preventing limescale deposits from forming. Without the addition of less beneficial sodium ions, water preserves its essential healthful minerals.

The water filtration system has three more stages: a copper-zinc and mineral stone filter, an activated carbon filter, and a post filter. The several filtering processes produce the cleanest, clearest water for the entire house.

The cylinder is expected to last at least ten years, depending on home water usage.

However, no product is flawless. What we don’t like about this model is that it is heavier than most others (77 pounds), difficult to install, and delivers in many boxes that may arrive on different days.

Although the Aquasana EQ-1000 softener is bulky and cumbersome (because of its amazing capabilities! ), it is worth the investment if your family’s health and safety are your primary concerns, as well as no longer having to worry about limescale, stains, buildup, and other water hardness issues. It is constructed in such a way that it removes all of the hardness.

While it is not your traditional salt-based water softener, it does deliver all of the benefits of the best built water softening systems as well as additional salt-free filtration capabilities to eliminate dangerous impurities and benefit your appliances, skin, and overall water usage.


  • Does not require salt to function due to its dual-tank SimplySoft design
  • The filter is guaranteed to last up to ten years or one million gallons.
  • Water softener and filter in one


  • Filters must be changed on a regular basis.
  • Expensive
  • Complex installation

5. Pelican Salt Free

Are you tired of the mineral scale but reluctant to add salt to your water? A powerful salt-free softener, such as the Pelican Natursoft, is a simple answer. This is a traditional water softener system with a resin tank.

The Pelican salt free softener does exactly what it is supposed to do: it changes the forms of the minerals that cause hard water, making it harder for them to remain in your pipe system.

This water softening system differs from its competitors in that it does not require energy or salt, and it is also the market’s only third-party tested DW 9191 certified water softener option. Furthermore, the Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener is NSF/ANSI 61 and 42 certified for safe materials and structural integrity.

This device can remove up to 75 GPG of hardness, which is twice as much as the ordinary softener. This technology wastes no water, which distinguishes it from the competitors. Furthermore, the tank Media never needs to be replaced!

The Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener is available in two sizes: the NS3 for households with 1-3 bathrooms and the NS6 is for 4-6 bathrooms. This comprehensive system contains all of the components required for a complete installation and a limited lifetime warranty on the tank and parts.

However, as is normal for a salt-free water softener/conditioner, the NS3 isn’t particularly useful with mineral stains. So, if you want to save time cleaning your glasses, mirrors, fixtures, and vehicles, you’re going to be disappointed.

To improve performance, the NS3 includes a fine pre-filter that can remove sand, dust, rust, and other types of sediment as small as 5 microns—1/20 the size of a human hair. It also removes calcium carbonate crystal formations in the Natursoft media to neutralize the chemical composition of mineral components. They won’t be able to produce scale build-up in your pipes or appliances this way. Furthermore, this softener retains vital minerals, resulting in clean, clear, and delicious water.

The pre-filter relieves part of the pressure on the resin and improves water quality. It comes with its own mounting kit and wrench, so you won’t have to run to the hardware shop for additional tools.

This unit has a double backwash feature, which will provide you with optimal regeneration. There are 36 regeneration cycles to choose from. Don’t worry if the power goes out because the battery backup will last for eight hours.

When you receive the kit, you will be relieved to discover that the system has a bypass valve. There’s also a male npt, rings, and connection nuts in the kit, so you’ll have about everything you need to get started. Installation is a simple DIY procedure, making it significantly less expensive than systems that require professional help.

At first sight, it appears that the entire system is covered by a 7-year warranty, but the electronic head has a limited lifetime warranty. When it comes to the electric head, it is quite straightforward to set up with three modes of operation.

However, at this time of writing, this water softener system caused more than $1,600 which is a lot of money for a simple water softening system. In this situation, though, you get what you pay for. The water quality it promises is said to be unbeatable.

Except for the semi-annual repair of the pre-filter, it requires no part changes. The BIFL is an investment, to be sure, but it is well worth it.


  • Very effective
  • Basic maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • NSF and DVGW certified


  • High initial cost
  • Does not remove mineral stains

6. Softpro Elite High Efficiency

If you’re looking for a new and improved whole-house water softener, you might have found it. The SoftPro Elite is one of the best overall salt-based water softeners on the market, as well as one of the most economical and efficient. The SoftPro water filters have a lot of great features and benefits. If you reside in a hard water area and want to install a water softener, there is another option that comes highly recommended.

These filters are intended to push the minerals that produce water hardness up through the already depleted resin and out the drain. As a result, both the salt and the unused portion of the resin are saved for future use. Talk about efficiency! Traditional downflow softeners waste more resin than upflow softeners.

The SoftPro Well and Basic Control Valve are included in the SoftPro Elite basic kit. This system removes 3 PPM of iron, has an upgraded fine mesh resin, a big 18 x 33 brine tank, a user-friendly LCD, and is protected by a Black Neoprene Jacket.

The water filters perform a process called ‘Precision Brining.’ SoftPro, unlike SpringWell softeners, uses chemicals and salt in its procedures. Precision brining conserves salt by creating only 70% of the brine shortly before regeneration. The technology estimates the exact amount of brine that must be replenished in order to restore only the depleted resin. This method saves up to 30% more salt!

Depending on the filter you select for this water softener, it may soften, purify, and alkalize the water. It can remove impurities like chloramine, chlorine, heavy metals, herbicides, and others.

By adding only treated soft water to the brine tank rather than raw untreated hard water, the SoftPro Elite conserves tank capacity and keeps your brine tank cleaner. SoftPro takes cleanliness to the next level. It cleans your brine tank and prevents bacterial growth. The system employs a KDF55 Media guard filter, which eliminates up to 99 percent of heavy metals in water, as well as chlorine and germs.

The water softening system has an easy-to-manage control head with automatic settings that control how frequently the unit regenerates and checks the system status, and it is almost maintenance free.

It uses an efficient upflow regeneration technique to help save on both salt and water use with a more precise resin recharge, which will save you money in the long term.

This is driven by next-generation sensors, which allow the system to launch a rapid brief demand induced regeneration cycle outside of the typical planned time if the clean resin falls below a 3% threshold.

This SoftPro water softener boasts an easy and quick installation process. It even comes pre-loaded with resin to make your task even easier. It also comes with an easy-to-use LCD panel that allows you to choose from a range of presets such as auto refresh, auto-variable backwash, vacation mode, and auto reserve.

You can also select the grain capacity for your water softener, giving you more options. This goes from the basic 24,000 to the higher-priced 110,000.

In normal functioning, the crosslink resin used by the softener should last up to 20 years. So, if you want a machine that requires little maintenance, this is the one for you.

All parts (excluding those that naturally wear out) and the touchpad controls are covered by a limited lifetime guarantee on the SoftPro Elite. The circuit board has a 7-year warranty, the resin has a 10-year warranty, and the tank softener has a lifetime guarantee.


  • High efficiency upflow regeneration technology
  • Grain configuration choices
  • User-friendly LCD display


  • Requires electricity to operate

7. Aquaox Water Softener System

The Aquaox WS is a top-of-the-line ion exchange stainless steel device that uses ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium from hard water. This means that your water is totally softened, as well as offering descaling benefits to your pipes and appliances.

You may adjust your preferred water hardness level, monitor the water softening system condition, look for error codes, and schedule regeneration cycles using its innovative digital on demand control touch screen. This feature, in conjunction with the high quality resin and up flow technology, contributes to a reduction in the amount of salt and water used by the system.

You don’t have to worry about missing a regeneration cycle with the AquaOX. The easy-to-use touch screen allows you to select a schedule for the regeneration cycle, which will occur automatically on the time you specify.

This water softener features a built-in sensor, unlike other water softeners that must be manually adjusted to go through regeneration. This means that when the filter’s effective capacity is achieved, the system will automatically replenish it.

The AquaOx is made of high-quality resin and incorporates cutting-edge technologies. The regeneration cycle employs an up flow technique, according to the producers, which utilizes less water and salt. This guarantees that your water softener is getting the most out of it.

The AquaOX WS is a whole house water softener for well water that is installed at your central water line and gives the benefits of soft water to all appliances and faucets in your home.

One of the primary advantages of the AquaOX is the low level of maintenance required. The brine tank must be replaced with salt on a regular basis, however the system will alert you when this is necessary. The regeneration process is automatic, however if you require further maintenance, simply call. This reduces your overall maintenance costs for the year and stops you from spending more money than you expected.

The AquaOX water system comes with a 10-year warranty and a 12-month money-back guarantee. That implies that if you don’t like it or receive a malfunctioning product, you can easily get your money back or obtain a new one.

Overall, the AquaOX is an excellent addition to your home’s water system. It prevents hard water and improves your quality of life. Your skin will be less dry, your dishes will be free of film, and your clothes will retain their vibrancy.


  • Touch screen control
  • Easy installation
  • Can choose preferred hardness level


  • Requires electricity
  • Salt needs to be top up periodically
  • Does not remove odor

8. Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain

Purchasing a water softener capable of supplying adequate water for your home might be an expensive investment. Fortunately, the Fleck 5600SXT is affordable without its quality being compromised. The Fleck 5600SXT Digital Control 48,000 Grain Water Softener is a whole-house water softening system that removes hard-causing minerals such as calcium and magnesium from water using a highly effective ion exchange technique.

This ion exchange system arrives at your door fully assembled, including a 1.5 cubic foot high capacity resin, a 48,000 grain capacity (10X54) tank, and a 15x17x36 salt brine tank with a safety float. It also includes a bypass valve with a 1-inch yoke connection for a simple “in/out” plumbing connection.

This digital water softener also includes a small LCD screen that displays the system’s current status. It’s not Retina, but when there’s an issue, it displays error codes. That means you may always consult the user’s manual to get a sense of where to begin troubleshooting. It will take some time, but you will eventually find it useful.

The touchpad is quite simple, yet intuitive. Setup will most likely be a breeze if you can turn on a TV with a remote.

The meter on top is totally digital, making it simple to program and provide water to your exact specifications. This was one of our favorite features of the Fleck 5600SXT, and it’s part of what makes it, in our opinion, the greatest water softener for the money. We believed this was the easiest method to operate and provided the greatest flexibility in terms of how you want your water conditioned.

To limit water use, you can set several factors into a highly precise unit. The Fleck 5600 can assess how much water has been consumed digitally and regenerates just when necessary.

Another fantastic bonus is that the system comes with a 5-year warranty on the unit’s bypass demand metered control valve and a 10-year warranty on the salt and brine tanks which gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is safe.

It has a flow rate of 12 gallons per minute but has a max output of 28 gallons per minute. Because this is a classic salt-based system, it has a few limitations. For one thing, you’ll have to keep monitoring and adding salt every week to ensure that it can regenerate.

This technology, like many other salt-based softening devices on the market, can regenerate after a certain time period. What makes it an exceptional softener, though, is its capacity to regenerate based on actual usage. The technology is actually quite simple: it uses a meter to assess the quantity of water used in your home and regenerates itself when it reaches its maximum capacity or by following your preset cycle, whichever comes first.

This seemingly insignificant feature can save you a significant amount of salt, water, and electricity. When combined with the timed cycle, the technology ensures that you always have soft water while avoiding the excessive use of salt and energy.

The Fleck 5600SXT is a credited system. Its components have been certified by the WQA as a consequence of passing all NSF standard 44 testing and demonstrating efficiency in managing hard water issues.

The fleck water softener is designed to be simple to install, as it comes with resin in the mineral tank and is partially pre-assembled. The Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 grain water softener may be installed without the assistance of a professional plumber or handyman.

This system lives up to its promises and stands out among its competitors. The Fleck performs its function admirably. The list of advantages is endless, but rest assured that your plumbing and appliances will remain in good working order and even last longer. And you won’t have to worry about dry hair and skin produced by hard water for another day.

The Fleck 5600 SXT is a best-selling water softener for a reason. Despite its low price, the features and efficiency are remarkable. The warranty is also a significant benefit, especially considering how much you’ll be getting for that price. Except for the lack of grain alternatives, it is easily the best salt-based water softener on the market.


  • Affordable
  • Effective (NSF certified)
  • Auto and real demand regeneration
  • Simple control
  • Durable (10 percent crosslink resin)
  • Comes with a bypass valve


  • Provides only one grain option (48,000)


For good reason, the Nuvo H20 DPHB is one of the most highly rated water softener systems on the market. What you pay for is what you get. So, if you’re seeking for a simple but dependable option, here’s what Nuvo H20 DPHB has to offer for its low price.

The Nuvo H20 is an eco-friendly salt-free softener alternative to the traditional filtration system that employs cartridges to filter out all of the undesired elements in your household water supply. The salt-free cartridge which measures 20 inches in length is one of its key features. It will significantly enhance the quality of your water — the taste will be better, and corrosion will be minimized.

This water softener system alters the composition of hard water-causing minerals through the scientific process of chelation. Unlike other saltless softeners that utilize magnets to condition water, this home softener binds minerals in your water to a chelating agent, keeping the minerals soluble and unable to cause hard water concerns. You’ll no longer experience scale, even though the minerals are still present in the water.

Nonetheless, the Nuvo H20 is one of the best water softener systems if you require a high-tech, reliable unit for a small-to-mid-sized home of 1-6 people. Because this machine does not require salt, you will not have to visit your local hardware shop every time you need to renew your salt supply.

The Nuvo H20 DPHB whole-house water softener has been third-party tested and certified by the FDA and NSF to function as efficiently as stated. The system’s components are made to last and are intended to provide effective whole-house water softening.

It is 100% devoid of sodium ions and wastes no water or electricity, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of soft water without increasing your energy bill. After roughly 20,000 gallons of water usage, the softening cartridges for the unit must be replaced.

Everything you need to mount the unit is included in the set. A bypass valve is also included. It also has small dimensions and an adequate flow rate of 12-15 GPM. Last but not least, installation is simple. But you should be aware of a few constraints.

Because the inlets are 1 inch in diameter, you must double-check the size of your pipes. Since it is a basic product, it cannot handle well water; you will need to use a filter for that. If you have a large family, the cartridges will need to be changed frequently.

However, despite its good water softening performance, the Nuvo H20 is not a good candidate in climates where heat can cause the water in the pipes to reach extremely high temperatures. The heat can cause the cap to expand, destroying the device and posing a fire risk.

Overall, the Nuvo H20 DPHB justifies its price with its money-back guarantee and reliability.


  • Salt free operation
  • No power needed
  • Chelation binds with minerals to keep them soluble


  • Only suitable for households with 1-2 people
  • Does not truly eliminate hard water minerals
  • The system will be destroyed by heat

10. Fleck Iron Pro 2

If you use well water, iron is an additional nuisance to deal with, on top of the regular hard water concerns produced by calcium and magnesium. You need a softener that can manage the iron, which is exactly what the Fleck Iron Pro 2 water softener is. It is an all-in-one water softener and iron removal filter with digital control for whole-house use.

It comes with a variety of capacities in addition to the iron filter. This variety is a 64,000 grain capacity, however an 80,000 grain capacity is available — the highest on the market. It also includes the well-known Fleck 5600SXT, which saves you a lot of money in terms of annual energy usage and convenience of use.

The product’s name, Iron Pro, tells it all. Ion exchange can be used to eliminate ferrous and ferric iron from the softener. This salt-based water softener and iron removal filter uses a fine mesh resin to successfully remove up to 6-8 PPM of iron from municipal and well water.

Ferrous iron may appear clear in water, but it can produce rust deposits and impart an unpleasant metallic taste to the water. It can successfully remove the source of those annoying brownish stains on your tiles and equipment, as well as buildup in the pipes.

This digital metered system includes water softening features that efficiently lower water hardness up to 75 grain capacity per gallon (gpg), removing hardness-causing minerals that cause limescale buildup in plumbing and home appliances.

This softener also removes rust, sediments, and sulfur up to 2ppm in addition to iron, magnesium, and calcium. To keep this system running, a user must plan for regular sodium tank control top-ups.

You may set the water softener to auto-regenerate in two ways: after a given amount of water or after a certain period of time. The digital touchpad controls are rather simple. Give it a few minutes to get everything set up, then leave the rest to the unit.

In addition, the kit includes a bypass valve and a plastic cone. The installation instructions, on the other hand, may be a little confusing even for experienced users.

If you are unable to manage, seek professional assistance or contact technical support. The system’s lifespan, on the other hand, compensates you well for this inconvenience.


  • Can handle extremely harsh water
  • Large grain capacity
  • Effective in eliminating modest concentration of iron
  • Auto-regeneration


  • Difficult to install
  • Expensive

Conclusion: Get Your Water Softener Now!

Many of us may be mistaken for a water softener for the whole-house water filter. Some of them have hybrid functionality, however the majority of them solely treat hard water or water pollutants.

Despite the fact that hard water is not harmful to our health, many people invest in water softening systems to prevent a variety of household concerns.

There is a lot to think about if you want to use a water softener in your home. Knowing your choices is the simplest approach to narrow down a selection depending on your water softening needs.

The above-mentioned 10 best water softener systems have been shown to properly cure hard water problems. To remove an extremely hard water source, it is best to utilize a salt-based water softener.

A water softener may cost you hundreds of dollars at first, but you can keep your home free of hard water problems, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

We hope that our water softener reviews have helped you pick the product you like the most. Regardless of which model you choose, we are convinced that you will enjoy years of high-quality soft water that will give several benefits to you and your family!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is hard water?

Hard water includes a high concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium compounds, among other minerals. Hard water is defined as any sort of water that has more than 7 grains per gallon (gpg) of calcium carbonate. Parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/L) are other ways to express hardness.

What is a water softener?

A conventional water softener consists of a tank connected to your water supply pipe. The tank is filled with resin beads, with a brine tank on top that can be filled with salt or potassium chloride pellets. When water enters the tank, it passes through the resin, which has a negative charge and attracts positively charged minerals in the water.

When the resin beads are full, the salt pellets cleanse them by replacing the mineral ions with salt ions—this is why softened water often has a higher salt content. This will eventually cause the pellets to dissolve, and they will need to be renewed.

Why does my water softener have a terrible odor?

When you use water softeners, your system may begin to smell terrible after a while of use for a variety of reasons. If you smell rotten eggs coming from your water softener, it’s most likely due to sulfur bacteria growing inside your brine tank.

This bacteria is drawn to the sodium in the brine tank and produces hydrogen sulfide, which is responsible for the rotten egg odor. You may avoid this problem by carefully cleaning your brine tank on a regular basis.

Furthermore, if your incoming water has a high iron concentration, you may notice a rust-like odor emanating from your water softener. It is critical to run a derusting agent through your tank on a regular basis to prevent the buildup of iron sediment, which could cause your system to perform inefficiently.

What’s the distinction between a water softener and a reverse osmosis system?

The primary distinction between a water softener and a RO system is its purpose. Water softeners only remove hard water-causing minerals from water, but reverse osmosis systems remove hard water-causing minerals as well as up to 99 percent of all pollutants from water, including lead, arsenic, chlorine, and bacteria.

Water softener and reverse osmosis system are also structured differently. They are salt-free in design and often include a number of filters to remove pollutants as well as a reverse osmosis membrane.

If you want to properly cleanse your water of any contaminants, you might consider purchasing a RO system. However, if you only want to reap the benefits of soft water, a water softener would suffice.

What’s the distinction between a water softener and a descaler?

Water softener and descaler serve the same purpose as water softeners, however they operate in different ways. A water softener removes calcium and magnesium ions and replaces them with sodium, but a descaler does not. Descalers, on the other hand, change the nature of the minerals that cause hard water, rendering them incapable of forming limescale buildup.

This means that, while calcium and magnesium will still be present in your drinking water, they will be unable to deposit scale in your pipework and water-based appliances.

What is the average lifespan of a water softener?

The longevity of the resin bed determines the lifespan of a water softener. The resin bed in a traditional salt-based water softener typically lasts 10 to 20 years. The lifespan of your water softener is mostly determined by water hardness and usage. Extremely hard water, as well as frequent regeneration, may reduce the longevity of the treated resin inside your water softener.

What Are The Differences Between The Best Salt Based Water Softeners and Salt Free Softening Systems?

Salt based water softeners are the most recommended type of water softeners. However, each type of water softeners have its benefits and cons.

Water softeners are more popular because there is higher compatibility of products. However, water softeners would need higher maintenance as compare to salt free water conditioners. Salt based water softeners must be connected directly to an electrical plug outlet and they tend to waste more water during regeneration.

Contrastingly, salt free water softeners allow you to reap the benefits of soft water without any salt required. Salt free water softeners is a more cost-effective choice of water softener available on the market as no electricity is needed.

However, salt free water conditioners cannot remove calcium and magnesium in your water hence, it is not entirely considered as “soft water”. Hence, it is often a marketing gimmick to be labelled as “softeners” as test runs have shown the water remain as hard water. Regardless, salt free water conditioners would be a good water softeners choice if you’re looking to reduce your sodium intake and lower maintenance.

However, if you’re facing issues of hard water, the ultimate salt based water softeners may be your best bet!

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