Waterdrop Filters Review in 2022: Our Honest Review

Waterdrop is one of the best manufacturers of water filters and in this Waterdrop Filters Review, we will be doing an in-depth review at some of the best systems that Waterdrop is offering. The Waterdrop Filters Review will also be covering the best refrigerator water filter, reverse osmosis system, undersink water filter, faucet filter and water filter pitcher too.

Waterdrop Filter Review : Is Waterdrop A Good Filter?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Waterdrop is one the best in the industry. The company was founded in 2015 and since then, they’ve received a large amount of positive customer reviews about their water filtration products. The company also has multiple patents and a professional team committed to improving their products for the customers.

The materials that this manufacturer uses are sourced according to the best industry standards. It has allowed Waterdrop’s products to pass certifications and tests like CSA, WQA, UPC, NSF, UL, FCC and WARS.

Top 6 Best Waterdrop Filters Review in 2021

1. Waterdrop WD-G3-W Reverse Osmosis System


  • 400 gallons per day
  • Dimensions: 18.06” x 5.68” x 17.76”
  • 3-stage filtration
  • Tankless design


Lead-free and Smart faucet

Additionally, the faucet included with the WD-G3-W Reverse Osmosis System is a lead-free and smart faucet. Since the faucet is lead-free, it gives the tap water a safe and clean passage to run through and it also prevents being recontaminated.

The faucet is made of food grade copper-zinc alloy with a brushed nickel plating and has a light at the bottom to indicate the filter condition and to let you know when you need to replace the filters.

Multiple stages of filtration

This Waterdrop system is a 3-stage RO system with 3 individual filters. Each filter has a specific filtration process and all of them together are designed to remove up to 99% of harmful contaminants. These contaminants could be things like sediment, suspended solids and other harmful chemicals.

The first filter is a combination of a pre-sediment and carbon block filter, it is made to remove contaminants like chlorine, rust and sand which affects the water taste and odor. The second filter is the reverse osmosis stage, which is designed to provide a thorough removal of contaminants.

Finally, the third filter is an activated coconut shell carbon block filter that remineralizes the drinking water for added health benefits.

Pressure pump

The Waterdrop WD-G3-W Reverse Osmosis System comes with a pressure pump that sets it apart from other systems on the market. This pump is able to detect the incoming water pressure of your house and will adjust the system accordingly to make sure that it works at the quickest speed.

Compact design

Unlike other water filters that are equipped with a tap water storage tank, the Waterdrop RO System has a tankless design. Its design allows the system to easily fit under a kitchen sink while maintaining a good amount of storage space.

Highly efficient

Most water filter systems waste 4 gallons of water for each gallon of clean drinking water produced. However, the water to waste ratio of the Waterdrop WD-G3-W is only 1:1, giving Waterdrop’s RO system a better efficiency than most filtration systems.

Protection against leak

With its integrated leak protection device, the system automatically shuts off and restricts water flow when it detects a leak. Power supply is also turned off when there is water identified at where it’s not supposed to be.

You will like this product if:

You prefer a system that is easy to install. The installation of this system is quite easy because there’s no tap water storage tank to worry about and all you need to do is connect the system to your electricity and water supply.

You want to remove up to 99% of all contaminants from your water. The Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is great for the removal of harmful contaminants and is NSF certified for Standard 58 and Standard 372 to remove lead, viruses, cysts and more.

You want an efficient water filter system. The system wastes less water for every gallon of clean water produced compared to other filtration systems.

You will not like this product if:

You have a strict budget. Since this is a slightly advanced reverse osmosis system, the price is also slightly higher than the standard filtration systems.

2. Waterdrop Refrigerator Water Filters


  • BPA-free housing
  • Certified against NSF
  • Last for 200-300 gallons


Waterdrop has more than just one refrigerator water filter. In fact, they have a great variety of refrigerator water filters for many large brands like LG, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Maytag, GE, HDX, Kenmore and others. In this Waterdrop Filters Review, we’ll be doing a general review of their filters for refrigerators.

Carbon block filter

A consistent feature in every Waterdrop refrigerator water filter is that they are either a coconut shell carbon or an activated carbon filter. Whichever it is, the filter has been proven to be effective for water filtration. Every refrigerator filter by Waterdrop also functions similarly and all of them provide the same results which are improvements to water odor, taste and appearance.

NSF certified

Every Waterdrop filter for refrigerators is NSF 42 certified for the removal of chlorine taste and odor. Additionally, if you need lead reduction, some Waterdrop filters are NSF 53 certified and there are also some filters that are NSF 372 certified for lead-free components. You can expect each and every single refrigerator water filter by Waterdrop to have NSF certification and they also have additional certifications that some well-known systems don’t have.

Flawless-fit filter housing

The design of every Waterdrop’s refrigerator water filter is meant to be a perfect fit in the fridge they are made to be used in. These water filters for refrigerators also have a twist and lock design to ensure that installation is easy and the same as the original refrigerator water filter. Additionally, the material used for the filter housing is BPA-free so there won’t be anything harmful in your water.

You will like this product if:

You are looking for a refrigerator filter with certifications against the NSF standard. All Waterdrop refrigerator filters are certified against NSF and some filters have additional certifications that others don’t.

You want refrigerator replacement filters at a cheaper price. Original replacement filters for branded refrigerators like a Samsung fridge usually cost more and the Waterdrop refrigerator filters are a good solution because they cost less and still have great quality.

You prefer refrigerator replacement filters that are a perfect fit for your fridge. There are some low-cost unbranded systems on the market that can cause leaks due to poor fittings, but you won’t have that with a Waterdrop fridge filter because their replacement filters are made to be a perfect fit for the intended refrigerator.

You will not like this product if:

You’d rather use the original replacement filter for your fridge. Some people would prefer to use replacement filters from Samsung if they have a Samsung refrigerator and if you prefer using original replacements from your refrigerator brand, like Samsung for instance, then this would not be the best choice.

3. Waterdrop Ultra-filtration 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System


  • 0.6 gallons per minute
  • 0.01-micron ultra-filtration membrane
  • Integrated waterway
  • Smart indicating system


Easy to install

One of the most noticeable features and benefits of the Waterdrop Ultra-filtration Under Sink Water Filter System is that it has a compact design. Instead of having individual filter housing with numerous connections, the system has everything fitted inside one housing unit.

As a result of its compact design, installing this water filter is extremely easy because there’s no need to worry about proper attachments of the connections. Plus, doing a filter replacement is also made simple as you don’t have to turn off the water supply.

Leakage prevention

Leaks are prevented thanks to the integrated waterway in the Waterdrop Ultra-filtration Under Sink Water Filter. The integrated waterway enables the replacement of filters without having to shut off the water supply and reduces the number of connections needed as compared to the standard undersink systems.

Smart indicating system

Typical undersink water filter systems are not equipped with features that allow you to keep track of the filter life and performance. Thankfully, with the high-quality smart indicating system that Waterdrop uses for their Ultra-filtration Under Sink Water Filter, you can know the exact performance of the filters and when it’s time to replace the filter.

3-stage filtration

Although the appearance of this unit looks like Waterdrop’s reverse osmosis water filter, it actually isn’t because it doesn’t have an RO membrane. Since there is no RO membrane and no reverse osmosis process, no wastewater will be produced during filtration too.

This filtration system has 3 stages and together, they are able to remove over 100 contaminants of different sizes and improve the water quality. The first stage of the filtration is through a PP filter that removes big contaminants and sediment.

The second filter is the ultra-filtration filter that removes over 100 contaminants including microorganisms and bacteria. Finally, the third stage is a CT filter that improves how your tap water tastes.

Impressive filter life

The lifespan of the filters are exceptional in comparison to other water filters on the market. The PP filter lasts for up to 6 months, the UF filter has a lifespan of 2 years and the CT filter can last for 12 months.

You will like this product if:

You want to remove harmful contaminants at a lower cost. Unlike Waterdrop’s RO system, the Waterdrop Ultra-filtration Under Sink Water Filter doesn’t have a reverse osmosis stage and as a result, it’s offered at a more affordable price.

You are looking for water filters that last for a long time. The filters in this system are able to last longer than most of the water filters on the market.

You prefer a compact unit. This unit is designed to be tankless and thanks to that, it has a small and compact size that can easily fit under a kitchen sink.

You will not like this product if:

You prefer a thorough water filtration unit. Since this water filter doesn’t have a reverse osmosis stage, the filtration will not completely purify your tap water.

4. Waterdrop Water Faucet Filtration System


  • 320 gallons or 3 months service life
  • Activated carbon fiber (ACF) filtration technology
  • Certification from NSF


NSF certified

Just like most Waterdrop filters, their Water Faucet Filtration System is NSF 42 certified for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor. Additionally it is also certified to Standard 372 for lead-free material construction.

Comes with a faucet adapter

The Waterdrop Water Faucet Filter comes with a faucet adapter that allows you to connect it to your faucet if you’re not using a standard US faucet. Make sure you check the compatibility first before you buy the faucet filter.

Uses a filter cartridge

This faucet filter uses a filter cartridge enclosed in a housing. It is extremely simple and convenient to perform maintenance because all you need to do is replace the old filter with a new one. Plus, there is a top cap on top of the filter to keep it secured and prevent contaminants from entering.

Water switch

Similarly to most faucet water filters, the Waterdrop faucet filter is not designed for use with hot water. With the water switch, you are allowed to switch between using the filtration system, which is the cold water, and using hot water by diverting the system to go directly through the faucet.

Single-stage activated carbon fiber filtration

Typically, a faucet filter can remove chlorine and lead from the water but this Waterdrop filter is able to do much more than that. With its activated carbon fiber filtration technology, it also removes heavy metals, rust, sediment and fluoride.

It’s normal for a filter with this size to have only one stage of filtration. However, it can still ensure a high-quality and thorough filtration thanks to the activated carbon trapping contaminants and only allowing small water particles to flow through.

The lifespan of the Waterdrop filter lasts for 3 months only, which is normal for a faucet filter. There are some filters on the market that could possibly last twice as long which makes the life of the Waterdrop filter seem short. However, when you take into consideration the contaminants that it removes, it justifies that the filter becomes clogged at a quicker rate.

You will like this product if:

You are looking for a water filtration system that doesn’t cost you a lot of money. This faucet filter costs around $20 only and its replacement filters are even cheaper, making this one of the lowest cost faucet filters on the market.

You prefer a filtration system with NSF certifications. Not only does this water filter have NSF certification to Standard 42 for the removal of chlorine, but it is also certified to Standard 372 for lead-free construction.

You want a water filter with great performance. The performance of this Waterdrop filter is impressive thanks to the use of an activated carbon fiber technology that effectively removes fluoride, heavy metals, sediment and more.

You will not like this product if:

You prefer a higher quality construction. Since the filter is priced at a lower end, it is no surprise that the filter housing is made of plastic, making it prone to damage.

5. Waterdrop Chubby White 10-Cup Water Purifier Pitcher


  • 200 gallons
  • Gravity induction indicator
  • 7-stage filter


Easy refilling cap

The Waterdrop Chubby is a water filter pitcher with a cap that can be easily removed for refilling. All you need to do when you want to refill the pitcher is to untwist the refill cap and pour water into it. It is without question, a simple method to get clean drinking water in your home or when you’re travelling.

7 stages of filtering

Similarly to all the Waterdrop filters, the Waterdrop Chubby water filter pitcher offers high-quality drinking water through thorough water filtration. This water filter pitcher has 7 stages of filtration and together, they are able to remove contaminants including chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, limescale, arsenic and many more.

Waterdrop’s exceptional filtering process is also made possible with the use of a premium ACF media. The media has a larger surface area which ensures better absorption and as a result, enhancing filtering performance. Plus, it has NSF certification for the removal of chlorine and lead-free materials.

High capacity

This Waterdrop pitcher has a 10-cup capacity which means it can hold up to 10 cups of drinking water at once. This capacity is perfect for a small family and it only takes about a minute for the system to produce 10 cups of drinking water. This speed is actually a lot faster than most of the pitchers.

Cheap and portable

Some of the best benefits about the Waterdrop pitcher is that it’s relatively low cost and also inexpensive to perform maintenance, plus it’s extremely portable thanks to its design and size. There is also no need for the Waterdrop pitcher to be connected to a waterline or electricity, allowing you to use it anywhere with tap water.

5 times longer service life

The typical filters for pitchers on the market last for about a month or up to 40 gallons of water. Meanwhile, the Waterdrop pitcher filter can last for up to 3 months or 200 gallons, which is 5 times longer.

You will like this product if:

You want something small and portable. Out of all the Waterdrop filters in this Waterdrop Filters Review, this is definitely one of the smallest and most portable Waterdrop filters.

You want a water filter that removes a great amount of harmful contaminants. With the premium ACF media, this water filter pitcher by Waterdrop is able to remove harmful contaminants like lead, mercury, chlorine, fluoride and more from the tap water.

You prefer filters with a certification. Just like most Waterdrop filters, the Waterdrop pitcher has a certification from a recognized body for chlorine removal and lead-free materials.

You will not like this product if:

You’d prefer to have a more thorough water filtration system. Unlike a reverse osmosis system, a thorough filtering cannot be achieved with this Waterdrop pitcher but on the bright side, it costs a lot less than a reverse osmosis system.

6. Waterdrop Direct Connect Under Sink Water Filtration System


  • 0.75 gallons per minute
  • Simple installation
  • Up to 19,000 filtration capacity


5-stage filter

This water filter is unlike the other filters that were covered in this Waterdrop Filters Review. Instead of multiple cartridges making up the 5 stages of filtration, the 5-stage filter is all within one cartridge. The filter provides a thorough filtration to remove chemicals such as chlorine as well as other contaminants.

The first stage of the filter is a polyester membrane that removes big sediment and particles from the tap water. After that, it goes through an activated carbon block filter that removes chlorine, taste and odor.

The third stage is a KDF filter which removes bacteria, heavy metals and microorganisms. The fourth stage is responsible for removing fluoride and finally, the fifth stage descales the water by preventing build-up of scale-causing minerals.

At the same time, the filter also retains healthy minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. With this Waterdrop filter, it ensures that you and everyone in your household enjoy clean, pure and healthy drinking water.

Easy to install

Unlike many filters with lots of connections and fittings, this unit by Waterdrop has simple push-to-connect fittings that make it simple to install the filter to the waterline. With this type of fittings, you can save a lot of time and effort and get the installation done within minutes.

Impressive lifespan

This unit by Waterdrop is meant to last for up to 19,000 gallons or 2 years which is an extremely long period. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about maintenance so often as compared to other filters with a shorter lifespan. You do not need to spend a lot of money to replace the filter too because the price for the replacement is relatively low too.

You will like this product if:

You’re looking for something cheaper than an RO system. Waterdrop is offering this unit at a much lower price compared to an RO system and the money spent per day for this filter is also relatively inexpensive, making this the best water filter system for anyone with a tight budget.

You prefer a unit that is simple and quick to install. With how this Waterdrop unit is designed and using the push-to-connect fittings, it will only take you minutes and minimal effort to get it installed under your kitchen sink.

You will not like this product if:

You prefer to have an indicator for when it’s time to change the filter. Some filters, whether by Waterdrop or not, have a way of indicating the performance and life of the filter. It could be through a digital display or a transparent housing, but this Waterdrop product has no way of indicating when the filter needs replacing.

Conclusion: Are Waterdrop Filters Any Good?

The bottom line for this review is that Waterdrop’s products are designed to provide a solution for poor water quality. Some of their products are more expensive while some are cheaper. But all in all, you will definitely find the best water filter system with Waterdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are water filters safe?

Yes. The function of water filters is to help get rid of harmful and undesirable contaminants from the tap water, giving you clean, pure and safe-to-drink water. Without the filter providing high-quality water, there is a risk of you consuming unhealthy and dangerous contaminants from the water.

Are Waterdrop filters certified?

Yes. Each high-quality water filter system Waterdrop offers is certified. As a matter of fact, the quality of their products is also based on the number of certifications they have. The more certification a product has, the higher the quality. However, not all their products are certified by the same organization, so be sure to check first before buying.

Do Waterdrop filters remineralize water?

Yes and no. An RO system is meant to remove unhealthy substances like lead and mercury from hard water. In the process of removing these substances, some substances that bring health benefits are removed as well. As a result, the water would be tasteless and flavorless.

To deal with this issue, a remineralization filter needs to be used to restore the healthy minerals. However, not all systems by Waterdrop have this filter and if you want it, you will need to buy it separately. Though, the filter will be worth your money because you are essentially adding beneficial substances to your water.

How often should I replace my refrigerator water filter?

Typically, a fridge filter has a life span of 6 months and must be replaced twice a year for the most optimum performance of your water system. However, this span of time is just a rough estimate which would depends on your water usage and model of your filter as well.

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