How To Clean Pur Water Filter Faucet Mount? [Step by Step Guide]

Why You Should Learn How To Clean Pur Water Filter Faucet Mount?

When it’s operating properly, the PUR water filter faucet is a highly effective at-home water treatment alternative. You can keep your filter in good shape by cleaning it on a regular basis.

The PUR water faucet filter is popular because it can filter out more than 70 physical and chemical pollutants, including lead, pharmaceutical trace chemicals, chlorine, pesticides, and mercury. The PUR filters must be cleaned and replaced to guarantee that the filtering system functions at its best.

I’ll show you how to clean your PUR faucet water filter in this article. This method may also be used to clean other types of faucet-mounted filters.

Essentials in Learning How to Clean Pur Water Filter Faucet Mount

The technique of cleaning your PUR water filter faucet mount is rather simple. However, there are a few things you need to do ahead of time to prepare for this DIY experience.

Basic Knowledge of PUR Faucet Filters

The success of your faucet mount cleaning project is determined by your knowledge of the system’s design.

I recommend that you study your owner’s handbook to understand the many components of your equipment, as well as its technical specs. More essential, make sure you understand how to disassemble or remove each component. It’s also crucial to know how to spot the signs of a faulty or malfunctioning component.

Pay special attention to the faucet’s mounting bracket. Learn about the chemical compounds that may be used to clean it.

Cleaning Tools

You should be able to find out what cleaning agents or disinfection solutions to use in your owner’s handbook. If you can’t afford the suggested remedy, you might have to come up with your own.

Most people clean the faucet mount using warm soapy water made by combining a spoonful of mild dish soap with a cup of warm water. It’s a flexible cleaning product for external surfaces.

I also recommend sanitizing the mount and other components with a mixture of 1/4 distilled or white vinegar and 3/4 warm water. The acidity of the vinegar is sufficient to destroy microorganisms.

To remove stuck particles, you’ll also need a soft-bristled brush. Surface contaminants can be removed using a gentle cleaning pad or sponge.

Benefits Of Cleaning A PUR Water Filter

One of the advantages is that washing ensures the filtered water’s purity. It’s also part of the filter unit’s routine maintenance. Cleaning filters properly ensures that they last longer and are free of germs and other diseases. Cleaning your filter on a regular basis will also save you money on repairs.

How to Clean PUR Water Filter Faucet Mount Like a Pro?

The PUR faucet filter is a device that attaches to your faucet and purifies the water you collect or use. Because of its accessibility, many people favor Faucet mount water filters. With tap water, you can drink, cook, prepare baby food, wash your hands, and do everything else you can think of.

When you buy your faucet and install it, don’t forget to clean it on a regular basis as part of its upkeep. Keep in mind how much traffic your kitchen tap gets and how often you touch it. It collects inconceivable amounts of filth and germs.

Bacteria, mildew, and fungi love your PUR water filter, and it may soon become a breeding place for them. The pathogens, in turn, have an impact on the purified water’s quality. The whole thing ends up being a waste of time.

With that in mind, you should clean and sanitize your pur water filter faucet mount on a regular basis. When changing the cartridge, we recommend cleaning and sanitizing your PUR faucet mount filter. Aside from the simplicity, you won’t have to strain your memory to recall the last time you cleaned your filter unit.

How do you clean a PUR water filter faucet mount system? If that’s the case, do the following steps:

Remove the Filter From Your Faucet

Remove the PUR water filter from your faucet as the first step.

You probably remember how you placed this faucet filter on if you installed it. It’s made to fit over the top of your faucet filter. To remove the filter, you’ll need to screw the lid off. When removing the filter, you will need to squeeze two buttons on the filtration system.

If the pur water filter is too tight to screw off, a wrench should be able to assist you to loosen it.

Examine the Filter

Cleaning your PUR filter isn’t always a good idea. Although pur water filter cleaning might extend its life, it will ultimately need to be replaced.

Examine the condition of your filter faucet mount and consider how long it has been since you installed it. PUR filters have a 3-month lifespan, but if you clean them once a month, they can last much longer. However, if your PUR filter is exhibiting symptoms of wear and tear, and you’ve had it for at least twice as long, you’ll probably need to replace it.

Rusting and a foul odor indicate that you should replace your filter rather than cleaning it. If the filter does need to be replaced, make sure to dispose of the old cartridge properly.

Empty Filter Debris

Hold the filter above your garbage can and tap it on the side after removing it. This will get rid of any leftover dirt and debris.

Clean the Canister Housing

Cleaning the filter canister is an essential step that should not be overlooked. Use a natural cleanser that is safe and non-toxic to clean the canister, as the solution will end up within the actual filter once the system is reassembled.

One alternative is to clean with mild dish soap. Consider combining 3 cups of water with 1 cup of vinegar to remove harder stains or do a more thorough clean.

Allow the canister to soak in the solution for at least 1 hour, or overnight if possible. Remove it from the bowl and wipe it with a warm water-soaked towel. Allow it to air dry completely before going on to the next stage. Whatever cleaning solution you use, be sure it’s 100% natural and chemical-free.

Canister Debris Removal

Run the canister under cold water after cleaning it to eliminate any leftover dirt or debris. During the water filtering process, silt frequently adheres to the interior of the canister’s surface.

Hold the canister under cold running water for up to 10 minutes, then air dry it again.

Reassemble The Filter

Finally, reassemble the filtration system and place it on the faucet filter after cleaning the PUR filter and canister. To twist the filter and cover into place, repeat step 1 in reverse.

Turn on your faucet filter and leave it running for at least 5 minutes to flush the filter. To remove any algae or debris from the aerator, make sure the faucet filter is fully turned on.

Why Do I Need To Clean My PUR Faucet Mount Filtration System?

If you have a faucet-mounted filter, you’re well aware that the cartridges don’t last indefinitely. Changing your PUR faucet mount filters is an essential element of keeping your system in good working order. Your faucet filter would ultimately cease operating if you didn’t change it.

It is possible to increase the life of the pur water filters by cleaning them. Of course, you’ll need to replace the cartridge in your pur water filter at some time in the future. However, if you want to cut down on the amount of money you spend on new filters each year, it’s definitely worth getting into the habit of cleaning them.

With that, you should now know the importance of learning how to clean pur water filter faucet mount.

Bonus – How To Clean PUR Water Filter Pitcher

The pitcher type of the PUR Water filter is shaped like a water jug. It works in the same way as the faucet filter, except it’s portable. You fill the tumbler with tap water, and it delivers clean drinking water.

Filter pitchers are usually best for smaller households because they carry less water. Cleaning the model is also an easy task if you have it. It shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to complete.

Removing The Old Filter

To modify the filter, remove it. Remember that your pitcher filter, which has been serving you for two months and has filtered up to 50 gallons of water, has to be replaced. This ensures efficiency.

Place the filter on a hard surface before removing it from the pitcher. After that, remove the cover from the pitcher and set it aside. Then, pull the pour tray from the pitcher and remove it.

After that, disconnect the filter and take the cylinder filter from the bottom, rotating it anti-clockwise.

Cleaning The Pour Tray

Soak the tray in soapy water for a few minutes after immersing the lid. Use a sponge to clean both things.

While you finish cleaning the other pieces, rinse, sterilize, and dry both objects on a paper towel on a clean surface. Keep in mind that the pour tray must be completely dry before being reinstalled. This assures that it is contaminant-free.

Cleaning The Main Pitcher

Cleaning the primary pitcher is the next step. Using a sponge, scrub both the interior and outside of the vehicle. Rinse well under running water, disinfect, and dry with a paper towel. Wipe with a clean, dry kitchen towel to speed up the drying process.

Reassembling The Unit

It’s time to put your pitcher back together. Take your new filter out of the box and soak it in clean water for fifteen minutes. Place the new filter in its right location in the PUR tray in the main jug. Hold the top and spin it clockwise to secure it.

How Long Do PUR Faucet Mounts Last?

After learning how to clean pur water filter faucet mount, you might be wondering how long can your pur faucet mounts last.

The PUR water filter can filter up to 100 gallons of water, which is nearly three months’ worth of water.

If you consume more water than the usual person or your water includes a lot of impurities, your PUR filter may not last as long. However, if you consume less water per week than PUR water filters are designed for, your water filter may last longer than promised.

It’s worth noting that PUR faucet filter systems contain a filter change LED that displays when the filter needs to be replaced. This is useful, but it will not be completely true in your scenario.

This filter change light isn’t smart enough to know when the filter needs to be replaced. It just serves as a timer, ticking down three months from the installation of the filter. The faucet mount filtration device will not detect factors such as your personal drinking water consumption or maintenance practices.

Your filtration system’s filter change indicator will go from green to amber to red to indicate how long your PUR water filter will function. It is recommended that you change the filter once the filter change signal turns red.

However, if you’ve been cleaning your PUR water filter on a regular basis, you might be able to squeeze another couple of months out of it before replacing it. Use your intuition and consider the quality of your water as well as the flow rate.

How Can I Extend the Life of My PUR Faucet Filter?

Cleaning your faucet filter once a month is the most convenient approach to extend its life by a couple of months.

You may also perform the following to extend the life of your PUR water filter:

Flush the water filter periodically

This is simple to perform with faucet filters; simply run high-pressure water through the filter for 2 to 5 minutes. Contaminants will be able to break free from the filter and wash away.

Don’t forget about the exterior of your faucet filtration system

When cleaning the rest of your kitchen, wipe down the surface of the faucet mount filter housing with a towel dipped in water and dish soap.

Don’t allow hot water to run through your filter

It’s not meant to function in warm temperatures, and the heat might harm the filter cartridge.

Remember that the filters in your PUR faucet filtration system will need to be replaced at some time. If your water flow is slow and cleaning your filter isn’t helping, or if your system isn’t filtering your tap water effectively, a new faucet mount filter should fix the problem.

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